Why is there swelling after Botox and how to get rid of it?
Botox is not considered an extremely dangerous procedure, but not everyone is lucky with it. Some
Girl's face
How long does swelling last after rhinoplasty? What do they depend on and how to reduce them
The appearance of swelling of the tip of the nose after corrective rhinoplasty is considered a completely normal reaction. Similar consequences occur
Acne rinse. Recipes with chloramphenicol, salicylic acid, calendula tincture, streptocide
Acne rinse. Recipes with chloramphenicol, salicylic acid, calendula tincture, streptocide
Acne spoils both your appearance and your mood. An anti-acne shake will help improve your skin condition.
How to properly treat scars after burns and what not to do
Indications and contraindications for plastic surgery after burns Exposure to high temperature or chemicals
Yellow retinoic peeling with peptide complex and panthenol BTpeel, 8 ml
In pursuit of an ideal appearance, girls all over the world visit gyms, saunas, solariums, and walk
Possible complications after septoplasty of the nasal septum
Modern medicine has specialized technologies that allow the patient to avoid discomfort after septoplasty and breathe
Alcohol after rhinoplasty: rehabilitation, why and what not to do? +Photo
Anything that has a bad effect on the body is prohibited after rhinoplasty. Despite the frequency of such
Lunar calendar of beauty and health for February 2021
It has long been known that the Moon has a strong impact on human life. Medicine is not worth it
Waxing of the bikini area, including deep: choose the wax and carry out the procedure correctly
In modern times, it is customary to remove dense vegetation not only on the legs and armpits
The guy has a severe bruise on his face
Why do older people bruise easily?
A hematoma on the face causes pain, physical and psychological discomfort. Bruise on open areas of the body
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