Mesothreads for face lift - an innovative method of rejuvenation
The essence of the procedure: Lifting using meso- or biostimulating threads was developed in Korea in
How to visually enlarge your nose
Nose correction with makeup: how to create the perfect shape
A woman's external attractiveness largely depends on the shape and size of her nose. But what to do
Injections with hyaluronic acid for the face. Photos of the results of injections under the eyes, contraindications
Contour plastic surgery with hyaluronic acid – non-surgical facial rejuvenation
Low skin tone, wrinkles and creases spoil your appearance and make you look older. First age
Is it acceptable to wear makeup, go to the bathhouse, what can or cannot be done after facial peeling? Care Tips
Why do you need additional care after peeling? Peeling is carried out at the superficial, medium and deep levels.
Deep cleansing of facial skin
How to make peeling at home for the face, 10 best recipes for dry and combination skin, rolling scrub, with aspirin and herbs
Why do you need exfoliating cleansing? Peeling exfoliates dead skin particles of the face and body, promoting
The latest fractional ablative laser AcuPulse CO2 has appeared at the RAMI clinic
What is the fractional laser facial rejuvenation procedure? How is CO2 rejuvenation different? Which
Additional lobule of mammary gland under the arm: causes and treatment
The mammary gland consists of approximately 10 - 12 lobes. They should all be normal
Personal experience: reviews of three peelings that can be done before an important event
Chemical peeling of the face among the fair sex is considered one of the most popular and famous
Is biorevitalization dangerous? Possible complications, their causes, what to do
Causes of appearance The appearance of acne in adolescence is often attributed to sudden changes in hormonal levels.
How to remove wrinkles on the face: the most effective methods
Wrinkles under the eyes may appear earlier than in other areas because the skin there
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