Yellow retinoic peeling with peptide complex and panthenol BTpeel, 8 ml

In pursuit of an ideal appearance, girls all over the world visit gyms, saunas, solariums, go to beauty salons, buy premium cosmetics, and resort to the services of plastic surgeons. The latter, by the way, can be avoided by visiting a cosmetologist’s office and trying one of the most popular procedures today - chemical Abr peeling.

Properties and principle of action of chemical peels

Cleansing and rejuvenation of the skin occurs due to the influence of special acids and chemical solutions - the cosmetologist actually burns and damages the upper layers of the epidermis. Afterwards, the regeneration process starts, and young skin is formed on the treated area. The depth of impact depends on the nature of the chosen substance: deep, medium and superficial types of peeling are distinguished.

What it is

ABR peeling in the field of cosmetology appeared relatively recently, but is already very popular among women who want to have well-groomed beautiful skin and look younger.

ABR peeling (Holy Land) is a new type of deep exfoliating procedure that is designed to combat pigmentation, acne, wrinkles and stretch marks of the skin.

Alpha, beta acids and retinol are used as active ingredients.

The secret to the success of such manipulation lies in the abbreviation, the decoding of which means “alpha-beta acids and retinol.” By observing strict proportions of these substances, the result does not take long to arrive.

ABR peeling contains vitamin A (retinol), which has a pronounced photosensitizing effect.
In other words, the procedure can only be performed in the autumn-winter period. You are also not allowed to visit solariums.

Vitamin A is contraindicated for pregnant women, so during this period it is necessary to refrain from peeling.

Dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist

Zhikhoreva Inna Viktorovna

6 years experience

ABR peeling is a type of deep impact on the tissue structure. Carrying out cosmetic manipulation is not accompanied by pain, which makes skin rejuvenation more gentle and of higher quality.

During the procedure, cosmetics from the “Holy Land” line are used.

Experts identify two main directions.

Acne peeling

The composition of the drugs mainly includes antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and soothing components. Thanks to the procedure, the pores are cleaned as deeply as possible, which eliminates acne and pimples.


The main task of the products in this line is to remove the stratum corneum, moisturize the skin and fill it with essential nutrients. After the session, the skin acquires a healthy color, becomes elastic, firm and velvety.

Answers on questions

How many days after the procedure does the redness go away?

The duration depends on the aggressiveness of the active substance. With deep exposure, the redness lasts up to 2 months, with average exposure – up to two weeks. The exact period will depend on the individual characteristics of the body.

2 days after abrstart peeling, the treated area darkened. Should I be nervous about how long it will take for everything to return to normal?

Darkening of the skin is a common side effect, so don't worry. After 1-2 weeks, the face will completely exfoliate and the dark color will go away.

I am allergic, can I do this peeling?

Before carrying out the procedure, be sure to test the effect of the composition on a small area. If there are no negative reactions to individual components, you can safely enroll in the course.


The products used for ABR peeling include the following components.

Fruit acids

They have a softening effect on the skin and evenly exfoliate dead layers of the dermis. Under their influence, the skin is rejuvenated and its tone increases.

Salicylic Beta Hydroxylic Acid

Has an anti-inflammatory and softening effect. Provides gentle removal of dead skin cells and cleansing of clogged pores.

Ascorbic acid

The composition may contain ascorbic acid, which activates the regeneration process. Has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Improves the protective functions of the skin and strengthens the local immune system.


Necessary for normalizing metabolic processes, regulating renewal at the cellular level, restoring normal functioning of the sebaceous glands. Under its influence, the natural production of collagen and antioxidant protective functions are activated.


In addition to these components, ABR peeling products may contain plant extracts. One of the most popular is green tea. It has a healing and antiseptic effect. The composition often contains fig extract, which provides nutrition to the skin and is directly involved in controlling peeling.

Professional peelings (PROFESSIONAL PEELS)

They are represented by 6 types of products that have different indications and degrees of effect on the skin. To work with such products, special training is required. Holi Land acid peels are used in beauty salons.

I Alpha peeling (ALPHA PEEL)

The product has a concentration of active substances of 24% and acidity from 3.3 to 3.9. This is a soft peeling for all skin types. It can even be used in pregnant women. The main ingredient is alpha hydroxy acids.

Effects of Holy Land alpha peeling:

  • activation of skin cell renewal;
  • formation of new healthy cells;
  • improving the absorption of caring substances by the dermis.

II Anti-aging peeling (ANTI AGE PEEL)

The drug has a concentration of active substances of 24% and a pH of 3.3 to 3.9. This is a professional product for treating and preventing changes caused by age. It is suitable for any skin type. Its main components are alpha hydroxy acids and grape extract.

Effects of anti-aging peeling Holy Land:

  • delays the aging process;
  • accelerates the synthesis of its own proteins - collagen and elastin;
  • delays the destruction of skin proteins by blocking the corresponding enzymes;
  • creates a lifting effect and strengthens the surface of blood capillaries.

III Peeling balance (BALANCE PEEL)

The composition contains 29% active components, acidity from 3.3 to 3.9. This is a professional drug for eliminating oily skin and treating acne. It contains alpha and beta hydroxy acids, retinol and acai oil.

Action of Holy Land balance peeling:

  • reduces inflammation in acne;
  • suppresses excess sebum production;
  • regulates keratinization processes;
  • fights the spread of bacteria;
  • eliminates pigmentation after acne.

IV Renewing peeling (RENEW PEEL)

The concentration of active acids is 32%, pH from 3.3 to 3.9. This product provides active renewal for both young and mature skin.

Its main components are alpha and beta hydroxy acids, retinol and vitamin C.

V Extra strong peeling (EXTREME PEEL)

The concentration of active substances is 34%, acidity is from 3.3 to 3.9. The product provides significant cell renewal and is used both in young and adulthood.

The main components of Holy Land extra-strength peeling are alpha and beta hydroxy acids, retinol and pomegranate extract.

White peeling (WHITE PEEL)

This is a unique biologically active peptide complex obtained from milk processing. Contains 5% lactic acid and has a pH of 5.3 to 5.6. In addition to lactic acid, the composition includes amino acids, proteins, lipids, enzymes and vitamins. Holy Land lactolan peeling is also a professional product, but it can also be used in home care.

Active substances:

  • milk proteins, casein, lactic acid;
  • cream cheese enzymes;
  • amino acids;
  • kaolin (clay) and mineral salts;
  • vitamin-lipid complex.


  • milk peeling dissolves the intercellular material that retains keratinized layers;
  • accelerates the formation of new cells;
  • creates a uniform skin tone;
  • moisturizes the dermis and improves the structure of skin tissue.


Although this type of exfoliation is highly effective, the procedure is not suitable for everyone. Experts recommend using it strictly in accordance with the indications.

Peeling after facial cleansing

Smooth, delicate skin can be achieved at any age, but it requires proper care.

Thus, peeling can only be carried out if the following problems exist:

  • uric rash;
  • post-acne elements ;
  • pore expansion ;
  • dull skin tone
  • stagnant spots;
  • infiltrates;
  • hyperkeratosis.

This manipulation is used when the first signs of premature aging appear.

What are the indications and contraindications for ABR peeling?

The presented procedure has a specific focus, which is why there is a list of indications for use. ABR peeling will be useful in the following cases:

  • with existing marks on the skin from acne and acne;
  • with changes in skin pigmentation;
  • when facial wrinkles and the first signs of skin aging appear;
  • with enlarged pores;
  • with increased oily skin;
  • when acne appears.

Don't forget about some contraindications. It is important to understand that neglecting the established restrictions can adversely affect health, so the following group of people should refrain from performing the procedure:

  • Pregnant and lactating women.
  • With individual intolerance to ABR peeling components.
  • Diagnosed with cancer.
  • With increased sensitivity to photocells.
  • With pathology of the thyroid gland.
  • With existing purulent and open wounds on the skin area.
  • With exacerbation of herpes.
  • With severe somatic illness.

For your own safety, we strongly recommend that you do not ignore this information.


Despite the fact that ABR peeling is suitable for any skin structure and type, it has a number of certain limitations for use.

Among the main contraindications, cosmetologists identify:

  • tendency to allergic reactions to the components used;
  • herpetic rashes at the acute stage;
  • complicated somatic ;
  • inflammatory processes on the skin;
  • fresh tan ;
  • malfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • oncological diseases;
  • high photosensitivity ;
  • eczema , psoriasis, some types of dermatitis.

In addition, it is prohibited to perform peeling during pregnancy or breastfeeding. The procedure is not recommended if less than seven weeks have passed since the last session.

Experts do not recommend exfoliating ABR in the spring and summer, when there is increased solar activity. After the procedure, at this time, regular application of sunscreen to the skin is mandatory.

Precautionary measures

If you decide to peel at home, you should strictly follow the following precautions :

  1. The composition should not be left on the skin for longer than the time specified in the instructions.
  2. The product should be applied with a brush with natural bristles, and your hands should be wearing rubber gloves.
  3. If the drug gets into your eyes or mucous membranes, wash with clean cold water and seek help from a medical facility.
  4. Do not neglect the rules of the recovery period after the procedure.

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Complications after peeling are possible if the procedure is performed incorrectly, the rules of the rehabilitation period are neglected, or there is an individual intolerance to the composition.

Side effects:

  • scarring;
  • swelling;
  • dryness;
  • redness and itching;
  • ulcers;
  • herpetic rashes.

In order not to provoke side effects, you need to know what contraindications ABR peeling has :

  1. The period of gestation and breastfeeding.
  2. Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  3. Exacerbation of herpes.
  4. Skin damage (scratches, abrasions).
  5. Tendency to allergic reactions.
  6. Diseases of the endocrine system.
  7. Skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis).


In order for a cosmetic procedure aimed at exfoliating dead cells to be carried out with the highest quality and with minimal side effects, it is necessary to properly prepare for it.

Before applying the chemical composition, a few days before the appointed date, the stratum corneum must be leveled. To do this, experts recommend that clients use special tools. Due to such procedures, the sensitivity of the skin to ABR preparations increases.

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  • All articles are checked by practicing doctors.
  • We take scientific literature and the latest research as a basis.
  • We publish detailed articles that answer all questions.

In addition, before the manipulation it is not recommended to sunbathe either in a solarium or in open sunlight. Precisely because it is necessary to avoid exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the skin, it is not recommended to carry out resurfacing in spring and summer.

It is prohibited to carry out other exfoliating procedures less than a week in advance.

If there is a need to take any medications, you need to inform the cosmetologist about this in advance.

How is Chemical Peeling Performed?

At the RAMI Clinic, chemical peelings are performed by cosmetologists of the highest category. Before the session (10-14 days in advance), it is recommended to undergo pre-peeling preparation in order to prepare the skin for “stress”. For this purpose, special acid-based cleansing gels are used. The pre-peeling preparation procedure is prescribed by a cosmetologist.

A chemical peeling session lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours (depending on the type of peeling). The first thing the procedure begins with is removing makeup using special solutions. Next, the cosmetologist will put on protective glasses and apply a peeling agent to your facial skin with smooth movements. Next, the mask is kept on the skin for a certain time. The patient may feel a slight tingling sensation, which will soon go away.

Execution steps

ABR peeling involves following a specially developed protocol. All actions must be performed in a strictly defined sequence.

First, the specialist must thoroughly clean the skin of decorative cosmetics, particles of dirt, dust, sebaceous secretions and other contaminants. To do this, he can use soap products, which usually contain ichthyol, sugar and azulene.

Next comes toning. The entire surface of the face, including the area of ​​the eyelids and lips, is treated with a special lotion. This allows you to additionally provide the epidermis with the necessary amount of moisture.

After completing these manipulations, the peeling process begins. The chemical composition is applied to the face using a brush. It is not advisable for the drug to come into contact with the eyes or mouth area.

Peeling in spring and summer

Facial peeling belongs to the category of aggressive procedures associated with some trauma to the epidermis.

The distribution of the substance occurs in the following sequence - frontal part, temporal part, area behind the ears, neck, chin, cheeks, area between the nose and lip. Leave the solution for no more than five minutes.

After this, problem areas are re-treated. In this case, the drug should be applied for 20 minutes.

After the required time has passed, the remaining product is removed with a cotton pad, which is moistened in water.

Next, the neutralization process begins. It is necessary in order to eliminate the unwanted effects of acid on the skin. A special lotion is applied to the entire treated surface. During the same period, the cosmetologist can perform a light massage. After ten minutes, wash off the product with cool water.

To tighten pores and relieve inflammation, the specialist uses a mask that has a whitening and healing effect. After 20 minutes, it is washed off, and the surface of the epidermis is treated with Panthenol or azulene ointment.

At the final stage, a cream is applied to the skin, which not only provides the skin with additional hydration, but also helps prevent the formation of freckles and age spots.

How is the ABR peeling procedure performed by professionals (Professional Peeling)?

ABR peeling is carried out in a course of 5 to 8 procedures, which are performed at intervals of 2 weeks. If you follow the cosmetologist's recommendations regarding the rehabilitation period, this manipulation rarely causes complications.

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ABR peeling by a professional includes several stages:

  1. Preparation . Requires application of a special gel with glycoic acid for 5 days.
  2. Procedure : cleansing the skin of impurities using a cotton pad soaked in micellar water;
  3. applying tonic lotion;
  4. The first coating of the peeling composition is carried out with a special brush, it is left to act for 5 minutes;
  5. after the required time, apply a second layer of product, leave for 20 minutes, rinse with cold water;
  6. covering the skin with a neutralizing solution (effective for 10 minutes), after which it is also washed off with cold water;
  7. applying an antiseptic mask, it narrows the pores, its effect takes 20 minutes;
  8. removing mask remnants and toning with azulene lotion;
  9. Applying a panthenol-based cream helps relieve irritation after the procedure.
  • Care after peeling . For 30 days, you should use moisturizers with UV protection (SPF 50+). You can use serums and fluids with hyaluronic acid, as well as preparations rich in olive, shea and argan oils.
  • Reference . After the procedure, the skin begins to peel off. It cannot be forcibly removed. Tanning is also prohibited for a month

    Skin care after

    Immediately after ABR peeling, patients may notice the appearance of peeling and redness of the skin. This condition is considered normal and disappears after 4-7 days. In order for the healing process to proceed as quickly as possible and with minimal complications, the skin requires special care during the post-peeling period.

    Typically, overall recovery may take about a month. At this time, it is necessary to use moisturizing, regenerating, photoprotective, and antioxidant products. It is thanks to this approach that it is possible to normalize the regeneration of the skin at the cellular level.

    The supply of sufficient moisture to the epidermal cells prevents its dryness and accelerates epithelization. For such purposes, cosmetologists advise using moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid.

    What peelings can be done in summer?

    Peeling has long taken pride of place among skincare procedures.

    In addition, to prevent the skin from losing moisture, it is recommended to use products such as Panthenol, shea butter and phospholipids, which restore the epidermal barrier.

    Often, against the background of peeling, crusts begin to form on the surface of the skin. In no case should you tear them off yourself, which can only cause harm and increase the recovery period.

    For one month, it is recommended to avoid saunas, steam baths, swimming pools, and going to the solarium. During this time, it is prohibited to sunbathe in open sunlight. Before going outside, you need to apply sunscreen to your face.

    Until approximately 14 days after the exfoliating procedure, cosmetologists do not recommend using decorative cosmetics, which can prolong the healing process and provoke the emergence of new problems.

    ALPHA COMPLEX or quick cleaning

    The drug ALPHA COMPLEX is a surface peeling. The drug is distinguished by a high pH value of 3.5. This helps to quickly remove dead skin particles.

    According to cosmetologists, the main advantages of drugs of this class include the following points:

    • it contains not just one, but a complex of fruit acids - glycolic, tartaric, lactic, malic and citric;
    • gentle action;
    • Suitable for all skin types;
    • does not dry out the body;
    • indicated for use in non-inflammatory acne and seborrhea;
    • can be used as a means to prepare the skin for more aggressive cosmetic procedures.

    The rest of the positive qualities are similar to the Holy Land line of peelings - evening out tone and cleansing the skin, improving microcirculation, stimulating collagen production.

    This medication can be used at home. The skin should be cleaned of dust and residues of decorative cosmetics. Using a cotton swab or disk, apply the drug to the skin of the face.

    The maximum duration of the procedure is 15 minutes. After this, remove the remaining peeling with a sponge and wash thoroughly with water.

    It is not recommended to carry out the procedure in summer. The ideal time for peeling is autumn, winter and early spring.


    Due to the fact that ABR peeling is a gentle procedure, side effects occur in rare cases during its implementation and in the post-peeling period. Most often, the reason for their appearance is increased sensitivity of the skin to certain components that make up the drug.

    Intimate area peeling

    Intimate peeling is a procedure for women that is performed to rejuvenate the skin of the bikini area.

    The most common complications, which can last up to ten days, include:

    • swelling;
    • hyperemia;
    • hemorrhagic crusts;
    • small pustular
    • pronounced large-plate peeling ;
    • herpetic rashes .

    To minimize or eliminate the likelihood of consequences, cosmetologists strongly advise following all skin care rules during the recovery period.

    Safe and effective Holy Land peeling

    As you know, it is better to prevent premature aging than to fight age-related changes. Therefore, you need to start caring for your facial skin at a young age with the help of a variety of creams, masks, peelings and lotions. Holy Land Beauty Laboratory offers a range of effective cosmetics for the care of the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. First of all, we are interested in chemical peels from Holy Land, which are characterized by a high degree of safety and effectiveness.

    All types of Holy Land Cosmetics peels are designed to solve specific facial skin problems, but they share a number of common advantages:

    • They are combined;
    • When used correctly, they are not traumatic;
    • Universal – suitable for any age;
    • Programs for any skin type;
    • Non-toxic;
    • Create a combined epidermal-dermal effect;
    • There are products for pre-peeling preparation and post-peeling care.

    In addition, all peels in this series can be combined in different ways to achieve the best results from their effects, without damaging the skin of the face.

    Holy Land peeling to solve skin problems

    A mixture of retinol, salicylic and fruit acids form the basis of ABR peeling. In addition, the composition of this drug is enriched with extracts of pumpkin, chamomile, green tea, figs, lemon balm, pomegranate, seeds and fruits of red grapes, as well as acai oil. This is an ideal composition for external and internal skin rejuvenation, developed by specialists from the Holy Land cosmetic laboratory.

    ABR peeling has long been appreciated by modern women from all over the world, having experienced the effect of its effects:

    • Minimal pre-peeling preparation;
    • Softness and painlessness of the procedure;
    • High efficiency of the drug;
    • Insignificant chance of complications;
    • Elimination of a wide range of facial skin problems.

    ABR Peeling from Holy Land is an excellent technique that gives an almost instant and long-lasting effect of smooth, even, radiant and fresh skin. This product effectively fights acne and post-acne, as if erasing any imperfections from the face, including expression lines and capillaries. The procedure also helps to even out skin tone and remove oily shine, giving a matte effect.

    ABR peeling – professional cleansing from Holy Land

    Let's look at the most popular skin cleansing products from the Holy Land Cosmetics beauty laboratory.


    The full course includes 4-8 sessions, with a break between them of at least 14 days. Only a specialist can determine exactly how many procedures will be required, taking into account the characteristics, skin type, number and severity of existing problems.

    ABR peeling allows you to get the following results:

    • of wrinkles is reduced ;
    • the sebaceous is restored ;
    • infiltrates resolve ;
    • tone improves ;
    • pores become narrower ;
    • texture is leveled ;
    • blackheads , acne and other formations are removed from the surface of the skin
    • of the oval is tightened .

    In addition, after the procedure, a lifting effect is noted. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

    Result after chemical peeling

    After the procedure, there will be redness and swelling, which will soon disappear. Then there will be a feeling of tightness of the skin and crusts will appear that will begin to peel off.

    The length of the rehabilitation period varies. It all depends on the type of peeling performed. At the same time, the result is worth these expectations.

    After a certain number of days, the skin will be completely renewed, small wrinkles and unevenness will disappear. The face will acquire a beautiful, fresh and well-groomed appearance. Acne, scars and hyperpigmentation will disappear. You will radiate youth and tenderness!

    The main thing is to follow all the recommendations of the cosmetologist and the result will exceed all your expectations!

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