Which herbs are best to use for facial skin: review of the most effective ones, home recipes

Decoctions for dry and normal skin

For normal to dry skin types, one of the most important conditions for attractiveness is regular moisturizing. Over the years, collagen reserves are depleted, and the epidermis loses its former elasticity. And on dry skin, inflamed areas may even appear. As a result, acne, peeling and early wrinkles often occur. Herbal decoctions, which include:

  • Mint;
  • Linden;
  • Sage;
  • Sea ​​buckthorn;
  • Chamomile.

Possessing numerous beneficial substances and valuable medicinal properties, herbs can significantly affect the human body. Healing him not only from the inside, but also from the outside.

Features of care by skin type

Before telling you about the recipes, let's talk about skin types. Because there are subtleties here.

Normal. You are lucky and the following herbs are suitable for care:

  • yarrow;
  • valerian officinalis;
  • tricolor violet;
  • pharmaceutical dill;
  • plantain.

Fat. Infusions of herbs that can narrow pores will help with care:

  • bay leaf;
  • yarrow;
  • coltsfoot;
  • calendula;
  • chamomile;
  • St. John's wort;
  • nettles

Dry. Those with dry skin should be careful when washing their face with ice. To prepare cosmetic ice, it is better to use:

  • rose petals;
  • chamomile;
  • parsley;
  • lemon balm;
  • dill;
  • mint
  • aloe vera.

Combined. If you have this type of skin, then for the decoction, use the herbs from the list for normal and oily skin. Both will do.

Mint decoction

Peppermint is used either alone or in combination with other types of herbs. You can buy ready-made, dry herb at the pharmacy. Or prepare it yourself by drying the leaves on the balcony. A decoction of this plant can transform the skin of the face. Due to the fact that he:

  • Relieves irritation;
  • Disinfects;
  • Softens;
  • Saturates cells with moisture;
  • Tones the skin.

In addition, mint helps smooth out fine wrinkles. And the skin takes on a radiant appearance. A decoction of mint leaves is very simple to prepare. To do this, you need to take a couple of tablespoons of peppermint and pour a glass of boiling water over them. Keep on fire for a couple of minutes. Then remove the saucepan from the heat and let the mixture brew. The final stage of preparation is straining the broth through a sieve.

It is best to use mint water in the summer, wiping a clean face with cotton pads soaked in the decoction. In winter, the decoction is prepared half as concentrated. And instead of boiling water, they use cow's milk.

The benefits of herbs in the fight against wrinkles

Nature is rich in herbs that can restore the elasticity of the skin and make the face more youthful. The following herbal remedies have pronounced anti-aging properties:

  • aloe – moisturizes, promotes cell regeneration;
  • calendula (marigold) – has an antibacterial effect, soothes, smoothes wrinkles, provides hydration;
  • lavender – relieves irritation, restores a healthy complexion;
  • coltsfoot – evens out wrinkles and gives the skin a velvety feel;
  • nettle – restores elasticity, accelerates metabolism in the layers of the skin;
  • parsley – nourishes, moisturizes, fights wrinkles and brightens the skin;
  • peppermint – has a tonic and refreshing effect;
  • dandelion – lightens pigmented areas;
  • chamomile – promotes cell regeneration, inhibits the aging process, prevents the appearance of age-related and facial wrinkles;
  • rosemary – tightens and smoothes the skin;
  • horsetail – prevents sagging, helps cope with oily skin problems;
  • thyme (thyme) – moisturizes skin prone to dryness, acts against the formation of wrinkles;
  • Salvia officinalis – has a pronounced lifting effect;
  • Rowan berries – have weak antioxidant properties, cleanse pores and smooth the skin.

Depending on the composition, qualities and characteristics of the medicinal plant, it can be used in the form of an infusion, a solution for a compress, or a component of cosmetic masks. Cosmetic ice made from a herbal decoction effectively fights wrinkles.

Herbs that provide care

For cosmetic procedures, herbal raw materials are selected taking into account the skin type and its needs:

  • For those with oily skin, experts recommend using wormwood, St. John's wort, burdock, nettle, sage, coltsfoot, butterbur and string.
  • Dry skin will benefit from the use of dill (plants and seeds), parsley, dandelion, yarrow, thyme, rowan berries, rosemary, lemon balm or mint, lavender, calendula (marigold), chamomile, rose petals and hop cones.
  • Problem skin requires special care. You can provide it with the help of celandine, aloe, verbena (pigeon grass), calendula, immortelle, peppermint and horsetail.

These plants are used both singly and as part of multicomponent products. They go well with other ingredients, but require compliance with the proportions and rules of use.


There are different ways to use plant materials in home cosmetology. It can be used both fresh and dried.

  • Rejuvenation of problem skin

A mask is prepared based on pharmaceutical chamomile. Chamomile color is one of the most popular drugs in herbal medicine. It gently cares for the skin of the face, smoothes out wrinkles, and provides necessary nutrition and hydration. The anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile will be useful for caring for problem skin. To prepare the mask you will need: a dessert spoon of kefir or sour milk, the same amount of chamomile, one chicken egg.

Whisk all ingredients together in a blender. Apply the finished mask to the skin for twenty minutes.

This product is recommended for use not only on the face, but also on the neck.

  • Smoothing wrinkles under the eyes and crow's feet

A mask made from a mixture of dry, crushed herbs: mint, plantain, chamomile will help smooth out wrinkles in the corners of the eyes and on the lower eyelid.

A dessert spoon of each ingredient is combined in one container and poured with a glass (200 ml) of boiling water. After this, the product is boiled for 10-15 minutes over low heat. The liquid is drained and set aside, and a teaspoon of starch is added to the herbs and stirred well.

The mask exposure time is 20 minutes. After this time, wash the face with broth or water.

  • Restoration of aging and aging skin

It is possible to restore the elasticity of mature skin and smooth out fine wrinkles by systematically using a product made from sage leaves, chamomile flowers, St. John's wort and linden blossom. The raw materials are taken dry in equal parts, for example, a teaspoon or a dessert spoon.

Using a coffee grinder or blender, grind the herbs to flour, add boiling water and stir. After this, add a tablespoon of sour cream or heavy homemade cream, a teaspoon of any vegetable oil.

Apply the product to the face for 20 minutes.

  • Lightening mature skin

As they age, many women suffer from the appearance of age spots. A mask made from nettle works well for this cosmetic defect. It is prepared from a tablespoon of chopped dry nettle, half a tablespoon of lemon juice, and a tablespoon of cream.

Nettles are mixed with juice, then the juice is added. The ingredients must be mixed well and allowed to brew for 15 minutes. After this, the product is applied to the face in several layers with a cosmetic brush. The exposure time of the mask is no longer than 15 minutes.

Such procedures can be performed on irritated skin that is prone to frequent drying.

  • Herbal caring mask

A mask made from dried mint, chamomile and plantain takes good care of the skin. The raw materials are mixed in equal parts, crushed, poured with water and boiled for 10 minutes over low heat. The broth is filtered and the tea leaves are thrown away. Add a little potato starch to the broth. Keep the product for 20 minutes.

  • Anti-wrinkle remedies from calendula

Calendula flowers are often used in alternative medicine and cosmetology recipes. Pour a tablespoon of calendula flowers into a glass (200 ml) of boiling water and leave for at least half an hour.

A multi-layer gauze napkin is moistened in the broth, lightly wrung out and applied to the face. Keep the compress until the napkin is almost dry. After removing the mask, your face should be rinsed with warm water.

  • Needles, birch leaves and chamomile

Grind a teaspoon of chamomile flowers, a teaspoon of pine needles, a tablespoon of fresh birch leaves in a blender, add a small amount of boiled water and mix to make a paste. Grind chicken yolk with a tablespoon of homemade cottage cheese and combine with herbal porridge.

Stir the mixture thoroughly and distribute on the face. Leave for 25 minutes, then rinse with water.

  • Herbs for dry skin

Pour a teaspoon of fresh rose petals, the same amount of fresh mint leaves, chamomile flowers and fresh nettle into half a glass (100 ml) of boiling water. Boil for five minutes. When the broth has cooled a little, strain. Grind the grounds, combine with a teaspoon of homemade cottage cheese and a small amount of milk (for consistency). The result should be a creamy mass. It is applied to the face and washed off with warm water after 20 minutes.

  • Plantain-based rejuvenator

It is better to make this mask after a bath or sauna, when the face is well steamed and the pores are open. The mask contains oatmeal, which has a positive effect on mature and tired skin.

Two tablespoons of flour, ground from oatmeal, two tablespoons of olive oil, a tablespoon of crushed plantain leaves are mixed and ground to a mushy state. Keep the mask on the skin for up to half an hour. It is used not only on the face, but also in the neck and décolleté area.

  • Chamomile lotion

A phyto-lotion is prepared from chamomile flowers. A tablespoon of raw material is poured into a glass of good dry white wine. Infuse for two weeks in a place protected from sunlight.

Wipe the skin twice a day with a self-prepared lotion, after which you must apply a nourishing cream.

  • Linden lotion

The infusion prepared according to this recipe does not contain alcohol. It is used when the first age-related changes appear.

Prepare the product from two tablespoons of linden blossom and 250 ml of boiling water. The linden is filled with water and left for half an hour. After this, filter. Use lotion twice a day.

Cosmetic ice is prepared by freezing a cooled herbal infusion. It serves as an excellent means of preventing the appearance of early signs of aging. When used regularly, ice helps keep your skin fresh for a long time.

Chamomile decoction

Chamomile is a universal healer. It is used for the health of the whole body, both internally and externally. Chamomile (in dry form) is sold in every pharmacy. Its decoction can quickly eliminate the inflammatory process on the skin of the face, disinfecting the wound surface. In addition, it moisturizes, tones and soothes flaking-prone skin.

In addition, this decoction is credited with bleaching properties. And preparing a healing remedy is quite easy: 2 tbsp. l. the herbs are poured into a container with boiling water (250 ml.). The broth should simmer on the stove for 3-4 minutes. It is better to reduce the fire to a minimum.

The finished broth is removed from the heat. When it cools down, the liquid must be drained through thick gauze. And use it for: cleansing, softening and moisturizing the face. If the skin is very dry, then you can prepare a chamomile mask. It will help remove peeling, cracks and inflammation.

In 100 ml. olive oil brought to a boil in a steam bath, add a couple of teaspoons of dried chamomile flowers. After mixing them with oil, keep them over a steam bath for about 5 minutes. Then remove the oil from the heat. Cover the container with a towel. And insist for an hour. It is best to use a mask by soaking clean gauze in the prepared oil. Then cover your face with it for 15 minutes and lie quietly.

Rules and methods of application

Herbs are not a cure-all medicine. This is just an aid.

It is worth understanding that using them alone is not enough to solve skin problems.

It is extremely important to monitor your diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. Only in this case will the treatment be most effective.

Before using any product, you must make sure that you are not allergic to it. Even harmless chamomile can provoke a serious allergic reaction.

It is recommended to purchase the herb at a pharmacy. You can also collect plants yourself, but only in ecologically clean regions. At the same time, it is extremely important to follow all the rules for collecting and preparing the future cosmetic product.

You can use herbal teas in several ways:

  • decoctions. They are taken orally;
  • infusions Face masks based on them have a beneficial effect on the skin;
  • compresses.

When making compresses, you need to make sure that they are not excessively hot. Ideally, their temperature should be only a few degrees above room temperature. A terry towel should be moistened in the freshly prepared infusion and gently applied to the face. After a few minutes, the skin will become smooth and have a healthy glow. Such manipulations should not be performed very often. Once or twice a week is enough.

We recommend:

To strengthen the body as a whole and improve the condition of the skin in particular, it is recommended to drink herbal decoctions daily. In addition to the fact that the skin will acquire a fresher, well-groomed appearance, the immune system will also be strengthened, digestion will improve, and this also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the epithelium.

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There is a more original way to use herbs in cosmetology - ice cubes. For this, the best plants are collected, and a decoction for the face is prepared from them. After cooling, the liquid is filtered, placed in ice trays and frozen. You just need to wipe your face with cubes every morning, replacing your usual washing with this procedure.

Sea buckthorn decoction

Sea buckthorn is a multivitamin plant. It is used to prolong youth. It has proven itself well as a wound-healing and antibacterial agent. And also as a product for the care of excessively dry or oily skin. After regular use of sea buckthorn decoctions, the skin of the face becomes:

  • Full of vitamins;
  • Elastic;
  • Moisturized;
  • Fresh;
  • Rejuvenated.

A decoction is prepared from half a liter of clean water and sea buckthorn leaves. Three tablespoons of the plant are immersed in boiling water and boiled for about 5 minutes. Then the liquid should stand on the stove without fire for about an hour. The strained broth is used as: lotion, mask, lotions. Sea buckthorn (as a cosmetic product) is very useful for women after 45 years.

Moisturizing decoction

Perfectly moisturize the skin of the face: hops (cones), yarrow (leaves) and lemon balm (flowers). And many vitamins and other useful substances in their composition charge skin cells with energy for the whole day. A decoction of a mixture of these herbs can:

  • Moisturize your facial skin;
  • Disinfect it;
  • Give elasticity to tissues.

To prepare it, you need to take: half a liter of clean water and 1 tbsp. l. each herb. Pour boiling water over the herbs and boil them for a couple of minutes over the fire. The finished product is removed from the heat and left for about 120 minutes. When the broth has finally infused and cooled, it is poured through a sieve and applied to the face with a cotton pad 1-2 times a day.

Brand rating

Many modern cosmetology brands use herbs to produce their best lines of products. The assortment is very wide, the choice is rich. You can find expensive and cheap drugs, 100% natural and enriched with synthetic formulas, foreign and domestic - to solve a variety of skin problems.

Cosmetics from our rating with natural herbs in their composition

A small rating will guide you in your choice:

  1. Energy lotion based on herbs from Erborian (South Korea). $38.78.
  2. Moisturizing antioxidant cream with a unique natural Alpaflor complex made from alpine herbs from Kora (Russia). $12.84.
  3. Herbal gold thermo herb - face mask with gold and herbs from Khadi Natural (India). $10.32.
  4. Deep cleansing - warming facial scrub based on a complex of medicinal herbs No. 54 from Dr. Konopka's (Estonia). $6.53.
  5. Herbal facial tonic from Ke ai de (China). $4.1.
  6. Cleansing fluid for washing the face with extracts of wild herbs of the Far East and Siberia from Natura Siberica (Russia). $4.08.
  7. Herbal cleansing refreshing foam for washing from Belita-Vitex (Belarus). $3.83.
  8. Soothing ice for the face in the form of lotion with plantain, linden blossom, cornflower, chamomile, parsley, etc. from Dermcare (Russia). $2.5.
  9. Cleansing phyto-milk for the face from Good Herbs (Russia). $1.83.
  10. Tibetan herbs - fabric eye mask from Secrets Lan (China). $0.81.

As you can see, there should be no difficulty in choosing a herbal remedy.

Herbal decoctions for oily skin

People with oily skin often suffer from enlarged pores, comedones and acne. This is due to the fact that excess sebum secreted regularly on the face is a breeding ground for the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. Often the culprit is the hormones that rage during adolescence. Or heredity, from which there is no escape.

But still, you can bring your face back to normal with the help of the “right” herbs intended specifically for oily facial skin. A decoction is prepared from them, which must be used to wipe the skin daily (morning and evening).

Indications for the use of medicinal plants

Very often the question arises, which facial herbs to use for a particular problem. In order to facilitate the search for the right raw materials, there are special indications in herbal medicine for home treatment of the skin with herbs. Use them to purposefully, and not accidentally, stock up on the herb you need.

  1. Herbs for acne: aloe , immortelle, St. John's wort, calendula, lavender, coltsfoot, plantain, chamomile, string.
  2. Herbs for oily skin : aloe, butterbur, birch, oak, nettle, linden, burdock root, mint, plantain, horsetail.
  3. Herbs for dry skin : oregano, calendula, thyme.
  4. Anti-wrinkle herbs : coltsfoot, rosemary, chamomile, sage.
  5. Herbs with a cleansing effect : rowan, nettle.
  6. Herbs against age spots : dandelion, parsley.

As can be seen from this list of indications, herbs for facial acne are one of the most numerous groups, and this is not surprising. Medicinal plants contain sufficient amounts of organic acids, phytoncides and tannins, which have anti-inflammatory properties.

They disinfect the affected skin, soothe irritation and localize, and then eliminate areas of inflammation. Therefore, for those with problem skin, herbs are recommended for mandatory use.

In adolescence, in the absence of allergies, medicinal preparations can also be used to treat juvenile acne. The maximum benefit from herbs can be achieved if everything is done correctly.

Coltsfoot in broth

The leaves of the plant have drying properties. Therefore, a decoction of coltsfoot does an excellent job of eliminating excess sebum, regulating its production. To use this herb for cosmetic purposes, you need to prepare a decoction from it. With it you can:

  • Make the skin surface velvety and fresh;
  • Rid your face of acne;
  • Reduce the inflammatory process;
  • Eliminate oiliness in the T-zone.

You can use the remedy from coltsfoot after the herb has boiled over the fire for 3 minutes. To do this, pour 2 spoons of the plant with boiling water (1 glass) and move it to the stove.

The cooled mixture is filtered through cheesecloth and used to wipe the face 2-3 times a day. You won't have to wait long for the results. Usually it occurs already on the first day of using the product.

What are the benefits of ice for skin?

Let's try to find out why ice is so useful and why it is used in the fight against wrinkles. Traditional medicine has always used melt water as an effective means of caring not only for the face, but also for the neck and décolleté. It is biologically active, capable of saturating cells with moisture, moisturizing and toning.

At the moment of contact with frozen water, metabolism improves due to blood flow. Pores become smaller, elasticity increases, and a natural glow appears on the cheeks.

When the surface of the skin comes into contact with ice, the blood vessels located in the deep layers of the epidermis dilate. But the superficial vessels, on the contrary, narrow. This leads to blood flow. At the end of the procedure, the vessels located on the surface begin to expand, and the capillaries fill with blood. This process leads to cell restoration and renewal.

Mint Cleansing Lotion

Clogged pores can be successfully cleaned with mint infusion or lotion. It will help get rid of comedones, as well as tighten pores and refresh your facial skin. Among other things, mint decoction can cope with oily sheen. To prepare the lotion you will need:

  • Mint leaves – 1 tbsp. l;
  • Lemon juice;
  • Calendula (in the form of tincture);
  • Alcohol;
  • Pure water – 200 ml.

First of all, you need to make a decoction of mint leaves. For this purpose, 1 tbsp. l. plants should boil in 200 ml. water on fire for 4-6 minutes. Lemon juice, vodka and calendula are added to the cooled and strained liquid in equal quantities. The result is a medicinal mixture made with alcohol, which quickly removes pimples, blackheads and all kinds of inflammation.

Important: prepared decoctions must be stored on the refrigerator shelf for no more than 36 hours. Only a freshly prepared product contains benefits and valuable properties.

Recipes for making ice cubes for the face

Grapefruit . An excellent assistant that can prolong youth, even out color, and whiten skin. The grapefruit must be washed, cut into pieces and frozen.

Coffee . Even if a woman has given up coffee, this does not mean that she will not figure out how to use it beneficially. I'm not even talking about homemade coffee scrubs. This is a classic of the genre. It turns out that coffee slows down the aging process. Brew strong coffee (only without sugar), pour into molds. We put it in the freezer and get ready for the aromatic procedure.

Dandelion . 500 grams of young dandelion leaves and unopened buds must be passed through a juicer. If it can’t cope with the grass, then grind everything in a blender. Then pass through a sieve or cheesecloth. Add olive oil to the resulting juice - 1 tablespoon. By the way, you can use any vegetable oil you like. For example, sesame. Ayurveda highly recommends it for the skin. Pour the resulting mixture of spring flower juice and oil into molds. Send for freezing.

Kalina . Red viburnum juice will help smooth out fine wrinkles. To do this, pass the berries through a juicer and pour the resulting juice into the molds. Remember the shelf life and don’t delay the procedure.

Linden and raspberry . An infusion of these plants will help improve the condition of skin even with deep wrinkles. The main thing is to prepare them separately, and before freezing, mix and pour into molds.

Lemon . Two tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with one glass of still mineral water will help maintain skin elasticity and tone. The recipe is very simple, affordable and does not take much time to prepare.

If, in addition to wrinkles, you also want to achieve a whitening effect, ice from rice broth will come to the rescue. Boil rice in plenty of water without adding salt. Drain in a colander, pour the broth into molds and freeze. Budget and practical product. By the way, the rice will remain seasoned and you can serve it on the table by adding vegetables, spices and herbs

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