Contour plastic surgery with hyaluronic acid – non-surgical facial rejuvenation

Low skin tone, wrinkles and creases spoil your appearance and make you look older. The first age-related changes become noticeable after 25, when metabolic processes in cells begin to slow down. There is nothing wrong with early care for youthful skin. Moreover, the sooner you turn to anti-aging procedures, the fresher your skin will look in the future. After 30 and 40 years, it is also possible to effectively eliminate the signs of aging, and injection cosmetology has a wide arsenal of lifting methods.

Briefly about the product

Hyaluronic acid is found in different types of tissues not only in the human but also in the animal body. It is found in all liquid substances of the body, is responsible for their viscosity and retains moisture.

Acid also plays an important role in regeneration processes. And since the human body itself produces this substance, then injections of hyaluronic acid, according to cosmetologists, are not dangerous for humans.

In addition to the ability to bind water molecules, hyaluronate is involved in the delivery of lymphocytes, oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissues.

The result of using injections

For its unique properties, hyaluronic acid is considered the queen of cosmetology. Injections based on it can transform the face, restore its youth and radiance.

  • Age-related and facial changes are eliminated.
  • Scars and wrinkles are smoothed out.
  • The skin is refreshed due to the intake of moisture.
  • Elasticity appears, since the inner gel layer does not allow it to sag and break.
  • The contour of the face becomes clear.
  • The skin's resistance to external influences increases.

    Judging by the reviews and photos, injections with hyaluronic acid are really great at eliminating wrinkles

All this brings a woman satisfaction and self-confidence.

Description of the procedure

Effectively and without scalpel incisions, injections of the drug neutralize the signs of aging, model the contours and new volumes of the face, and eliminate its asymmetry.

The essence of this rejuvenation method is that the gel is injected into various layers of the skin using thin needles. Most often, the procedure takes place without pain, since modern drugs already contain an anesthetic substance.

Sessions of hyaluronic acid injections are often combined with biorevitalization, Botox injections and other cosmetic processes.

Patients can optionally choose a combined correction, which can simultaneously improve the contour of the face and lips, as well as eliminate fine and deep wrinkles.

The effect can be assessed immediately, but it becomes more pronounced after the swelling and redness disappear.

The drug is selected according to the indications. If shallow wrinkles need to be eliminated, soft fillers are injected into the upper layers of the skin. Smoothing of deep wrinkles is carried out using high-viscosity or medium-viscosity drugs.


The name “biorevitalization” itself translates as natural rebirth to life. That is, the procedure is designed to trigger the body’s reserve mechanisms for self-healing.

It is similar to mesotherapy. The difference is in the use of hyaluronic acid. If a rejuvenating agent is used in mesotherapy in liquid form, then in this case it is a viscous plastic gel.

It does not deteriorate within two weeks. During the injection, the skin is pierced deeper, the gel forms compactions, so-called papules, which resolve without a trace after 2-3 hours.

When is biorevitalization indicated:

  • Sagging and dry skin.
  • Enlarged pores and excessive oiliness.
  • There is no firmness and elasticity of the skin.
  • Acne spots.
  • Sick complexion.
  • Capillary mesh (rosacea).
  • Pigment changes.
  • Wrinkles on the forehead and around the nose and lips.

The procedure follows the same scheme as mesotherapy.

As a result of biorevitalization, the skin is moisturized, becomes elastic, and acquires a healthy shade. The first changes are visible after a few days, over time they only intensify and persist for 3-6 months.


Hyaluronic acid helps not only get rid of wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, it is also used to:

  • change the contour and shape of the lips;
  • increase their volume and raise the corners;
  • correct the line of the face, make it clear and the face proportional;
  • smooth out folds in the nasolabial triangle;
  • adjust the contours of the chin;

In addition, the drug in ampoules can be used independently (non-injection) to even out the complexion, moisturize the skin, and increase the ability of cells to regenerate. Filler injections are also given into the skin of the abdomen, neck, thighs, and arms.

Technology overview

Vector lifting is carried out strictly according to the markings. The doctor individually determines the location of the support mesh. By introducing a flexible cannula from bottom to top, each line is processed. The cosmetologist slowly advances the instrument, making rotational movements. As a result, the space between the tissue fibers is uniformly filled with a dense gel. A kind of elastic mesh is formed under the skin.

The technique is used for a complete facelift and correction of individual areas. Strengthening the middle third of the face is popular with patients. Vector lifting is successfully implemented to straighten the oval line, model the cheeks and cheekbones, and correct the position of the eyelids and lips. The technique is also used to eliminate defects on the body: arms, hips, abdomen.

To perform vector lifting, dense fillers based on hyaluronic acid or other biocompatible substances are used. The first group allows you to achieve a more natural result, suitable for those with a wide face and dense tissue. Stabilized hyaluronic acid forms the basis of:

  • Juvederm;
  • Sujiderm;
  • Revaness.

The use of other active ingredients: polycaprolactone, polylactic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite allows you to achieve more lasting results. Preparations Sculptra, Ellance, Radiesse have excellent volumizing abilities and firmly hold tissue. To perform durable contour bioreinforcement, doctors often recommend Radiesse.


Despite the fact that hyaluronate is produced by the human body, and injection drugs undergo multi-stage purification, cases of drug rejection by the body and allergic reactions are not excluded.

Most often, this is explained by the fact that it is not always possible to completely free the drug from foreign protein. This is why the body rejects the injected gel.

Do not forget that hyaluronic acid is involved in the spread of tumors and infections. Therefore, before contouring surgery, you need to familiarize yourself with a number of contraindications.

The procedure is not carried out if:

  • oncological diseases;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • inflammatory processes on the skin;
  • infectious diseases.

It is also not recommended to administer fillers to people suffering from epileptic seizures and other mental disorders.

Advantages and disadvantages

Vector lifting, in comparison with surgical lifting, is a less traumatic and simple procedure. The intervention allows you to obtain similar results in a shorter period, excluding complex rehabilitation. Even in comparison with thread lifting, contouring with fillers is recognized by cosmetologists and patients as the most optimal choice.

The disadvantage of vector lifting is the high price. If it is necessary to perform a series of interventions, the total cost of the procedures approaches the cost of classical plastic surgery. The need for a highly qualified doctor is also considered a disadvantage.


The main advantage that has made this procedure quite popular is the non-surgical achievement of visible results.

Other advantages include:

  • ease of implementation;
  • lack of general and local anesthesia;
  • no need to undergo rehabilitation;
  • attractive price.

It is also captivating that the excellent rejuvenation effect is achieved by introducing a substance that, in fact, is “native” to humans. Over time, hyaluronate breaks down naturally in the body and does not cause harm to it.

Cost of non-surgical facelift

The price for a non-surgical facelift at the International Hemostasis Clinic depends on the rejuvenation technique chosen by the cosmetologist, the severity of age-related changes, and the desired effect.

To clarify the details and make an appointment with a cosmetologist, call +7 (495) 106-90-74 or fill out the online form offered on the clinic’s website. Our administrators will contact you to clarify the details and answer all your questions.

Non-surgical lifting using the VIPline device

RF lifting of the face, neck and décolleté

Microcurrent skin therapy using the Gezatone device

In what areas are they used?

Most often, contour plastic surgery is performed on the following areas:

  1. The area between the wings of the nose and the corners of the lips. With age, the folds in this area deepen, aging the face and making its expression haggard.
    This defect is corrected within half an hour. The specialist uses special microneedles that do not leave bruises or swelling. The result can be assessed immediately after the procedure.

    During the week after plastic surgery, massage of this area, exposure to the sun and exposure to high temperatures are contraindicated. The duration of the effect is 12 months.

  2. Lips. Correction of this area is often combined with nasolabial plastic surgery.
    Hyaluronate is injected under the skin, which gives the desired shape to the lips and adds volume to them. If a low-quality drug is used, complications may arise in the form of lumps on the face and migration of the drug substance. The procedure takes from 10 minutes to half an hour. The effect lasts 10 months.
  3. The area around the eyes. The skin in this area is very thin, ages earlier than anyone else, and “crow’s feet” and the so-called tear trough form.
    The viscosity of the fillers used may vary depending on the depth and number of wrinkles. The procedure lasts 1 hour and is performed without anesthesia. The effect lasts from 6 months to a year.
  4. Cheekbones. Sagging skin on the cheekbones contributes to the appearance of deep nasolabial wrinkles, drooping cheeks and changes in facial expression.
    The situation is corrected by introducing the drug into the deep and middle layers of the dermis.

    In this case, the injection consists not only of hyaluronic acid, but also of collagen, which promotes cell regeneration. The results of plastic surgery last up to one year.

How contouring of the oval face is performed using fillers and the expected result. Read here about the indications for correcting the nasal septum using septoplasty.

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What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronate injections are considered the most effective means of combating age-related skin changes. Hyaluronic acid is of natural, not chemical origin. This is a polysaccharide with a complex formula. It is synthesized in human joint and skin tissues. Its properties are safe and are needed by the epidermis to moisturize it. Blood vessels and joint cartilage become more elastic.

Getting into the epidermis in the form of an injection, this drug surrounds existing cells and creates new ones, causing their interaction. This is what causes hydration, rejuvenation, and elimination of wrinkles. As we age, the process of hyaluronate production slows down, which is why scientists have proposed using it for cosmetic purposes through injections.

In its natural form, hyaluronate is a white powder that, when dissolved in water, turns into a milky gel-like substance.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hyaluronate has many advantages in cosmetology:

  • no surgery required;
  • safety;
  • quick results;
  • long lasting effect;
  • suitable for any skin type;
  • acne is not a contraindication;
  • One session is enough;
  • decomposition products are independently eliminated from the body;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • there is no risk of complications.

This drug refreshes the face and nourishes the epidermal cells.

But hyaluronic acid for rejuvenation has some disadvantages:

  • The effect is not too long-lasting, the duration of the visible result is only up to 1 year.
  • Repeated injections are required.
  • High price for rejuvenation.
  • There is a risk of side effects.
  • If you often take beauty injections, the tissues will stop producing acid, and the skin will constantly need nourishment, otherwise it will age quickly.

How do hyaluronate injections work?

Before deciding to undergo the procedure, it is necessary to study the effect of the substance on the skin. The operating principle is as follows:

  1. Acid molecules, once in the epidermis, begin to attract water cells, thereby moisturizing this area as much as possible.
  2. At the same time, a lifting effect occurs and a weak tension of the skin occurs, causing wrinkles to smooth out and their depth to decrease.
  3. The acid affects the increased production of collagen and fibroblasts, which ensures skin rejuvenation in the future.

hyaluronic acid injection with an injector, before and affect , vector illustration, isolated, diagram and graph
The injection of acid makes the skin soft, elastic, eliminates small wounds, scars, redness and peeling. By retaining moisture in the cells, it eliminates wrinkles. Cures acne, removes dark circles under the eyes. Forms a protective film on the face, protecting it from harmful factors.

Achieved effect, before and after photos

If you look at the photos of the patients, the face after the procedure looks 10 years younger. The skin has a beautiful color, wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, nasolabial lines, and between the eyebrows have disappeared. There are no dark semicircles under the eyes, and there are no defects on the skin. It is smooth, soft and velvety to the touch.

Types of hyaluronates

Depending on the length of the polysaccharide chain, three types of hyaluronic acid are distinguished:

  1. Low molecular weight. Effectively relieves inflammation and is often used to treat rashes of various etiologies, acne, burns and trophic ulcers.
    Added to products for external use - creams, emulsions, tonics and serums. Easily absorbed and retains all properties.
  2. Medium molecular. Suppresses cell migration and division.
    Often used in the treatment of joints and eyes. Research has revealed such a valuable property as stimulating the body’s own production of hyaluronic acid.
  3. High molecular weight. Retains water well and restores damaged cells. This type is indicated for use in facial plastic surgery.

The latest type of hyaluronic acid successfully and effectively replenishes lost skin volume.


Contour plastic surgery is performed using different drugs. Let's look at the most popular of them.

  1. Princess. A fairly popular type of filler made in Austria. Manufactured using special SMART technology. Distinctive features are a high degree of homogenization and dynamic viscosity. Price 2500-3700 rubles;
  2. Belotero.Produced in Switzerland. Fillers have a dense structure, since all hyaluronate molecules are the same size.
    The composition contains a phosphate buffer, it prevents hyaluronate molecules from oxidizing and maintains the acid-base balance of the skin at the desired level.

    The molecules of the substance are arranged in the form of a network, due to which more moisture is retained, the skin rejuvenates faster, and the effect lasts a whole year. The price in rubles is 5,400–6,400;

  3. Teosyal Redensity. In addition to hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, the composition contains lidocaine and a complex of amino acids, antioxidants, zinc, vitamin B6 and copper.
    The drug promotes enhanced synthesis of collagen fibers, maintains moisture in the upper layers of the skin at an optimal level, and helps rapid wound healing.

    Swiss-made fillers are hypoallergenic and suitable for people with even the most sensitive skin. High fluidity allows the use of very thin needles that do not injure the tissue so much. Price from 6,000 to 31,000;

  4. Bellcontour . 4th generation dermal filler. The Swiss drug is distinguished by high biocompatibility and biodegradation in a natural way. It is easily introduced into the skin and does not form lumps. Not a single case of toxic reaction or allergy to the product has been recorded. Costs from 7,350 to 27,933 rubles per 1 ml;
  5. The French company offers preparations of different densities that can be used in different areas. Due to its plasticity, the filler is placed evenly under the skin and does not lead to compaction of individual areas.
    Can be injected into both superficial and deep layers of the skin. The cost varies greatly depending on the duration of the effect of the drug and the area of ​​influence.

    For example, a filler to smooth out superficial wrinkles costs 8,000 rubles, and to restore fat and muscle tissue costs 31,000 rubles.

  6. Ellanse - fillers from a Dutch manufacturer. Designed for people who are allergic to hyaluronate. The drug is based on polycaprolactone, which is completely absorbable and does not contain substances of animal origin. The price starts from 23,000 rubles.
  7. Genyal – hyaluronate is viscous, elastic and homogeneous. Provides a long-lasting and lasting effect. Price 6,600–9,900 rubles
  8. Revi is a Russian-made drug. Perfectly corrects fine wrinkles and eliminates pigmentation; one injection costs 9,800 rubles.

Stages of implementation

The contouring procedure consists of several stages. Let's look at each in detail.

Preparatory stage

At the preparatory stage, the patient meets with a cosmetologist who examines him, determines the presence of contraindications, selects the right type of fillers, and gives general recommendations.

A specialist may recommend taking antiherpes medications if lip surgery is contemplated. It is also advisable to get tested for allergies.

The patient should tell the doctor whether a similar procedure has been performed before, what drugs were used, and in what areas they were injected.

During this period, you should not take blood thinners, vitamin E, or alcohol.

The procedure itself

The procedure itself lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the treatment area. The injection is administered in small doses to problem areas.

Sometimes the specialist may knead the filler slightly so that it fills the voids better. The drug is injected to a depth of one and a half to three mm.

The procedure consists of the following manipulations:

  1. The cosmetologist marks the area for plastic surgery.
  2. Selects a method of pain relief.
  3. The skin is cleansed of cosmetics and disinfected.
  4. An anesthetic cream is applied and then hyaluronic acid injections are given.
  5. The specialist applies wound healing cream.

You can see the first changes in half an hour.

What could be the consequences of removing Bish’s lumps? Is it worth the surgery? In this publication, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the scheme of microcurrent facial therapy.

Follow the link if you are interested in reviews about bio-reinforcement of the face with threads.

Rehabilitation period

During this time, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • do not touch the filler injection sites with your hands;
  • do not remove crusts formed at the injection sites;
  • do not wash your face or use cosmetics.

The first night after the procedure, you should sleep on your back. Over the next three days, you should refrain from physical activity, training, and running. Do not take medications without notifying your doctor.

It is advisable to avoid visiting baths, saunas, and solariums for three weeks. If the procedure was carried out in the summer, then the skin must be protected with sunscreen when going outside.

And, most importantly, for the first time after the injection of fillers, you should never smile.


Women who have undergone facial rejuvenation with fillers note the following effect:

  • the skin becomes moisturized and tightened;
  • pigmentation disappears or becomes invisible;
  • wrinkles are smoothed out;
  • the lips become beautifully defined, the oval of the face acquires a clear relief.

In addition, the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers is resumed, and the cells are enriched with oxygen.

The result can be enjoyed for 6 months or more. But since hyaluronic acid is absorbed over time, repeated administration of the drug will be required to maintain the effect.

Usually the procedure is repeated every 1 or 2 years. There are fillers that retain the effect for as long as 4 years, for example, Dutch fillers Ellanse E. And although they are not cheap, they are still cheaper for the patient than repeated injections every six months of other drugs.

Patient reviews

The method is used and in most cases the results are assessed positively. Some potential patients are afraid of intervention, do not trust the experience of the performer, are afraid of the composition of the drugs, and are afraid of complications. Anyone who has undergone the procedure praises the noticeable result and recommends the technique to friends.

The patient is satisfied with the effectiveness of the procedure and says that her friends have a similar opinion.

The patient is afraid to do lifting with fillers of a complex composition (for example, Radiesse), but trusts in preparations based on hyaluronic acid.

Possible complications

Complications arise for various reasons. But most often due to the fact that the injection was introduced into an area where a large number of capillaries are located.

If the specialist is unqualified and does not have sufficient experience, it is quite possible that the facial nerve will be affected.

The following complications also occur:

  • bumps and scars;
  • fibrous formations;
  • yellowness of the skin.

All this can be avoided if you contact a specialized licensed clinic with professional cosmetologists who use only high-quality drugs and modern equipment. And be sure to follow all the doctor’s recommendations during the rehabilitation period.


NameVolume in mlDuration
of validity in months
Application areaSession price in rubles
Princess16—12Use in the area between the eyebrows, around the eyes and lips. Fills nasolabial folds. 9 000
Juvederm 300,810—12Since the concentration of hyaluronic acid in the preparation is very high, it can be effectively used to fill creases and especially deep wrinkles8 000—10 000
Teosyal Redensity19—12It has a light consistency and is used for the eye area.8 000—10 000
Belotero112Injections are administered into the middle and deep layers of the skin, correcting scars11 800
Bellcontour112Applicable in deep and medium layers of skin13 900
Ellanse M1,220For all types of contouring13 000—14 000
Genyal1,212For any areas20 000—29 000
Revi18Neck area, face, shoulder girdle9 500

Since the contouring procedure involves applying an anesthetic before the session and a cooling mask or cream after it, the price will include this service. Usually it is 1,000-3,000 over the cost of the filler.

Find out more information on the topic from the video.

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