What is mesothread? Types of mesothreads, advantages, mechanism of action and what problems they solve

Specialists in the field of professional cosmetology are constantly improving techniques for non-surgical skin rejuvenation. One of these techniques - the introduction of mesothreads - appeared relatively recently, but has gained great popularity.

Biostimulating threads were developed in 2011 for long-term stimulation of nerve endings. Currently, mesothreads for tightening facial skin are used to eliminate age-related changes, stop aging mechanisms, and correct aesthetic imperfections. The procedure for implanting mesothreads is called thread lifting.

How did mesothreads appear?

Mesothreads were first invented by South Korean doctors at the end of the last century. Why was South Korea the pioneer of this material? What prompted South Korean scientists to develop such a unique technology was the skin of local women. It is known that it is much thinner than that of European and American ladies. Therefore, Korean doctors and scientists were especially concerned about the issue of preserving the skin of local beauties from premature fading. In the 70s, the technique was picked up by French doctors, proposing reinforcement with gold threads. The technique has gained great popularity all over the world. As a result, already in the 90s, the entire Russian stage began to resort to it. Meanwhile, research into the procedure continued and it was discovered that the gold threads only promoted the release of collagen, which gave the skin firmness, but not lift. The situation changed in the mid-90s, when Marlen Sulamanidze (plastic surgeon at the Total Charm clinic) began improving the technique. The doctor replaced the gold threads with surgical suture material. In addition, making notches on the threads ensured their rapid survival in the skin. This is how modern Aptos threads appeared.

Advantages of mesothreads

Reviews from experienced cosmetologists only for rejuvenation with biothreads, this is facilitated by a number of positive qualities.

  1. This method does not cause significant injuries, dissection of excess skin is eliminated, and there is no need for anesthesia. The material is hypoallergenic;
  2. Facial firming is carried out using tiny, unnoticeable, fast-healing punctures. The threads are also small and completely invisible under the dermis;
  3. Thanks to the use of a special technology for introducing mesothreads, the occurrence of hemorrhages, bruises, and scars is excluded;
  4. There is no need for long-term rehabilitation or medical examination;
  5. Numerous studies have established the absence of side effects;
  6. The result of rejuvenation with mesothreads is comparable to the effect obtained with surgical plastic surgery.

How do you prepare for the procedure of introducing mesothreads?

The procedure does not impose any special preparation requirements. But the cosmetologist always warns the client that 2 hours before the start of the session you cannot smoke, drink alcohol or engage in active physical activity. And 7 days before the procedure, you should not use blood thinners and antihistamines, you should not take aspirin and you should not use products containing aloe vera. Also, cosmetologists do not recommend swimming in hot baths or washing your face with warm water for the last week before the session.


The goal of rehabilitation measures after thread lifting is to prevent displacement, rejection or premature resorption of mesothreads. What is prohibited during this period:

  1. Smoke after the intervention for 6-8 hours.
  2. Use decorative cosmetics and alcohol lotions for 3 days after the procedure.
  3. Exercise and lift weights for up to 3 weeks.
  4. Do massages, scrubbing with hard particles, cosmetic procedures with pressure on the face - up to 3 weeks.
  5. Overheat your face - up to 3 weeks. Avoid hot baths, saunas, solariums, the beach and hair drying.
  6. Visit the pool for up to 3 weeks.


Ekaterina Imshenitskaya

The patient must control facial expressions for 3 weeks after thread lifting and avoid tension and strain on the facial muscles.

Cosmetologists recommend the following care program during the rehabilitation period:

  • wear a face bandage for up to 2 weeks;
  • use cosmetics with UV protection;
  • make oxygen masks and use cosmetics with oxygen;
  • sleep on your back, on a high pillow, at an angle of 30° - 2-3 weeks.


Ekaterina Imshenitskaya

Cosmetic procedures during the rehabilitation period are carried out only as prescribed by a doctor.

How is thread lifting usually performed?

Skin tightening and mesothreading are carried out under local anesthesia. As a result, the client can monitor the injection process. First, the skin is disinfected, then markings are made on the face (mesh frame). A needle and thread are inserted through it under the skin. When the needle is removed, the thread remains under the skin.

The cosmetologist decides how many threads to use, focusing on the characteristics of the epidermis and its condition. You can see the lifting effect immediately.

However, this will only be 30% of the final result. The elasticity of the skin will increase gradually with the formation of collagen fibers around the mesothreads. The final result will be achieved after 2-3 months. In this case, splitting of the threads in the dermal layer will be observed for 1.5-2 years. During this period, collagen production will occur. Therefore, during this time a noticeable lifting effect will remain.

When resorting to thread lifting, you should know that the period of resorption of mesothreads directly depends on the characteristics of the patient’s skin. In some cases, this period is 6 months, in other cases the effect can last for more than 2 years.

There is no limit to the number of times mesotherapy can be performed, so it can be repeated if necessary. The session itself lasts no more than 1 hour, after the end of the manipulation the woman goes home.

Opinion of cosmetologists

Experts consider thread lifting with mesothreads to be effective in case of unexpressed changes with the correct amount of material:

What other advantages of the procedure can be mentioned?

The list of advantages includes the following: 1. The technique does not require general anesthesia. 2. No incisions are made on the face. Consequently, the risks of scar formation are eliminated. 3. After injection, the dermis quickly recovers. 4. The technique can be carried out in combination with other cosmetic procedures (lifting can be combined with mesotherapy). 5. Often the results of thread lifting last up to 5 years. 6. Plastic surgeons resort to the technique to consolidate the results of plastic correction. 7. With the help of self-absorbing mesothreads, you can not only tighten skin that has sagged due to age-related changes, but also enhance metabolic processes in the dermis, improve blood flow and activate local immunity.

In what cases is the procedure prescribed?

Threadlifting is prescribed by cosmetologists when facial wrinkles appear, as well as when the skin becomes flabby and the cheeks and chin sag. Threadlifting is also prescribed when vertical and horizontal bands begin to appear in the neck area. There are cases when it is necessary to remove facial asymmetry that appears after plastic correction. Often, sudden weight loss leads to depletion of the skin and the formation of many wrinkles above the lip and in the eye area. With the help of mesothreads you can eliminate expression wrinkles. But in such cases, doctors recommend starting to use mesothreads when the skin does not yet have severe sagging. For your information! From the practical experience of cosmetologists it is known that this technique shows the greatest effect at the age of 35 to 40 years. However, in the presence of deep wrinkles and clearly formed sagging, the technique cannot guarantee a noticeable result. Therefore, older people should immediately resort to plastic correction. Correctly placed mesothreads provide differentiated impact. But at the same time, it is important to achieve relaxation of the muscles of the forehead, chin and cheekbones during the session. To achieve this effect, doctors sometimes resort to Botox injections. Relaxed, wrinkle-free fabric is reinforced with mesothreads, providing excellent lift to the skin.

Threadlifting is performed under local anesthesia using an anesthetic gel. It will be enough, since the session involves several punctures of the skin with a very thin needle and thread. Mesothreads are placed in the skin closer to the surface. In this zone, blood flow is moderately developed. Therefore, hematomas rarely occur. If they appear, they are distinguished by their small size and rapid disappearance on the 2nd day after the procedure.

Precautionary measures

Implantation of threads can be performed by a trained specialist. Sterile conditions must be maintained in the treatment room. Signing the informed consent and taking a control photograph in 5 projections are necessary rules.

All these points are taken into account in medical centers or clinics. The service in the salon is often not accompanied by clear regulations, so it can lead to the development of complications.

To protect yourself from negative consequences, you need to:

  • get tested to make sure there are no contraindications;
  • carry out the procedure when you feel well;
  • one day before the procedure, do not smoke or drink alcohol;
  • stop taking anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents one week before;
  • Do not steam your face or sunbathe before a facelift;
  • contact experienced and trusted cosmetologists.

Side effects

Complications after a facelift arise due to incompetent actions of the doctor or the body’s reaction. The condition of blood vessels and the reactivity of the skin affect the rate of appearance and prevalence of hematomas.

Incorrect presentation of the material is fraught with consequences:

  • Contouring (translucency) of the thread, persistent retraction or protrusion of tissue. Unpleasant defects disappear on their own within 10-15 days. The fibers become discolored in approximately 5 days.
  • Herpes and infection at the injection site. Such consequences are the result of non-compliance with the rules of asepsis and antisepsis, as well as unsatisfactory postoperative care.
  • Damage to blood vessels and nerves, disruption of the integrity of the excretory duct or capsule of the parotid salivary gland. The use of pointed needles is unsafe when inserted deep into the dermis. There will be a minimal risk of bleeding, hematoma development and edema if implantation is carried out with a blunt cannula. Numbness of the integument due to injury to nerve trunks is rarely diagnosed.
  • Thread coming out. The situation occurs if the insertion angle is less than 45 degrees. The area is treated with an antiseptic, the fiber is cut with a sterile instrument and tucked under the skin.
  • The tip gets under the epidermis. It is fraught with traumatization of facial movements and the appearance of papules. When opening the element, a piece of thread is discovered. It is cut off and removed under the skin.
  • Fibrosis is a thickening of the connective tissue around the fibers. Occurs due to active collagen production. The side effect can be eliminated by performing a manual massage on the affected area and taking a course of corticosteroids.


It is worth refusing to introduce anti-aging material if the following health problems are diagnosed:

  • blood clotting disorder;
  • infectious or inflammatory processes;
  • mental disorder;
  • oncology;
  • skin diseases;
  • presence of implants in the intervention area;
  • diabetes;
  • predisposition to the formation of keloid scars;
  • damage to the skin (wounds, ulcers, burns, abrasions);
  • pathologies of the immune system;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • taking anticoagulants.

Non-surgical lifting is not performed during pregnancy and lactation.

What complications may the patient encounter?

Complications after thread lifting are recorded very rarely. They usually arise due to improper placement of threads or due to non-compliance with aseptic standards.

Undesirable consequences may appear in the form of:

  • persistent hematomas in the places where the injection was given;
  • irregularities and compactions (defects disappear over time with gradual resorption of the threads);
  • formation of fibrous tissue;
  • swelling, pain and suppuration.

Attention! To avoid negative consequences, you should contact only a well-established clinic and only an experienced cosmetologist.

In addition, the mesothreads used must be certified.

After 2-3 days, redness and discomfort in the areas where the threads were inserted disappear on their own. However, doctors always advise in the first days not to overload the facial muscles with facial stress, not to do massage, and to avoid temperature changes.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Installation of threads is painless.
  • There is no long recovery period after the procedure.
  • The result is visible within 3-5 days.
  • The punctures are small and do not leave scars or scars.
  • Along with thread lifting, you can choose and use other rejuvenation methods.
  • Finding a good specialist takes a lot of time. A favorable result without complications can be expected after a procedure performed by a professional doctor.
  • No change in case of serious age-related problems
  • The effect may not appear due to the individual characteristics of the body and incorrectly selected threads.

What sensations arise during the procedure?

This technique is one of the most painless, as it involves inserting a very thin needle under the skin, which is not capable of causing severe damage to muscle tissue. The patient does not feel pain also because local anesthesia makes the treated area insensitive. Of course, the patient feels minor discomfort at the moment the skin is pierced. But this is just discomfort, not pain. It should also be said that redness will be visible at the injection sites for several days after the procedure. On very sensitive skin, small bruises may appear, which will disappear within 7 days. The session will take from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

What effect should you expect?

Mesothreads tighten tissues and hold them in the desired position immediately after implantation. The main result is achieved after 2-3 months, due to the growth of a collagen framework around the strings. It depends on the individual characteristics of the patient - how quickly the processes of tissue regeneration occur. If collagen synthesis is slow, the effect of the procedure will be minimal.

The result is also influenced by the qualifications of the cosmetologist and the degree of development of side effects and complications after the procedure.


When deciding to rejuvenate your face with mesothreads, you should take into account that, along with general contraindications, intolerance may manifest itself (this happens extremely rarely). You cannot rejuvenate the skin with mesothreads when:

1. ARVI, acute respiratory infections, as well as various infectious diseases. 2. Oncology. 3. Diseases of the heart muscle and blood vessels (ischemia, high-grade hypertension). 4. Implants. 5. Blood diseases. 6. Fever. 7. Nervous and mental disorders. 8. Pregnancy and lactation.

Often in beauty salons, when advertising this service, cosmetologists do not focus on therapeutic prohibitions, talking about the absolute harmlessness of the technique. Nevertheless, there are contraindications. And an experienced doctor will always tell his patient about them. Therefore, you should not trust your face to the first cosmetologist you meet. First you need to make sure that the doctor is a professional. Therefore, in many cases you should trust the recommendations.

Cost of the procedure


NameAddressPrice (from, in rub.)Telephone
"Best Clinic"Leningradskoe highway, 11623 400+7
"MedCenterService"st. 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 29 30 000+7
"Miracle Doctor"st. Shkolnaya, 11 12 000+7


Medical and cosmetologicalst. Vzletnaya, 26 g 20 000+7
Krasnoyarsk Institute of Traumatologyst. Mechnikova, 49 40 000+7
Private clinic "effi"st. Historical, building 111, 3/2 21 600+7


Clinic of medical cosmetology "Art-Medica"st. Zheleznodorozhnaya, 22 30 000+7
Beauty studio "AHAVA spa"Krasny Ave., 77B8 000+7
Medicalst. Gogolya, 42 12 000+7


Medical Center for Reconstructive Cosmetology "Vianta"st. Vatutina, 23 18 000+7
Aesthetic Medicine Clinic “Bote de Luxe”st. Akhtyrskaya, 6 11 500+7
Center for therapeutic cosmetology "Verbena"st. Zapolnaya, 60A 35 000+7


Clinic of cosmetology and dermatology "GrandEstet"st. Prazhskaya, 1A 8 000+7
Clinic of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology "Brazil"st. Vozdushnaya, 60A 8 000+7
Factory of health and beauty "Katarina"st. Gaidara, no. 93 20 000+7


SPA tanning and beauty studio "Shoklad'ka"Pavlovsky tract, 251v8 000+7
Health and beauty center "Spa-center 77"st. Sukhbaatar, 7 10 000+7
Center for appearance and cosmetology "Exclusive"st. Popova, 194 12 000+7


Beauty salon "Alexandria"st. Komissarova, 16 12 000+7
Beauty salon "Amelie"Respubliki Ave., 4215 000+7
Beauty salon "OZZ"st. Mustafina, 9/2 20 000+7

Saint Petersburg

Multidisciplinary clinic "Medi"st. Butlerova, 11, building 1 27 500+7
Center for Cosmetology and Medicine “Laser Doctor”st. Gorokhovaya, 26 20 000+7
Medical clinic "NjMed"Prospekt Sredniy, 85, lit. U, room 8N18 000+7


Cosmetology Clinic "Reforma"st. Marshala Zhukova, 13 12 000+7
Center for Aesthetic Cosmetology "LERDEN"st. March 8, 169 14 000+7
Medicalst. Mamina-Sibiryaka, 193 12 000+7


Beauty salon "Bellucci"st. Lenina, 30 15 000+7
Dr. Putsenko Plastic Surgery Centerst. Stalskogo, 12 15 000+7
Laser cosmetology clinic "Linline"Karl Marx Ave., 3813 000+7


Medicalst. Poligonnaya, 6 8 000+7
Center for Aesthetic Medicine “Universe of Harmony and Beauty”st. Ostrovsky, 45 7 000+7
Center for Modern Cosmetology "MaksMedGroup"lane Matrossky, 2 7 000+7


Cosmetology clinic “VrnCOSMO”st. Kholzunova, 38 6 000+7
Beauty salon “Princess Daria”+7st. Vladimir Nevsky, 13B 11 000+7
Aesthetician-st. 20th anniversary of the Komsomol, 55 14 000+7


"Family Medicine Center"st. Trifonova, 22B 29 000+7
Clinic "Sibirskaya"st. Sibirskaya, 31 29 000+7
Medicalst. Altayskaya, 24 15 000+7


Alexandra Gievskaya Studiost. Lermontova, 11/5, office. 408, 422 9 000+7(912) 900 62 93
Laser cosmetology clinic "Linline"Lenina Ave., 52/19 500+7(800) 700 79 11
Beauty studio "Trava"st. Generala Ivanov, 5 10 000+7(3462) 77 92 54


Clinic of Professor Churakovst. Shelkovichnaya, 122/126 36 000+7(8452) 33 95 38
Beauty salon "Diva"st. them. Chapaeva, 56 32 850+7(8452) 73 53 53
Beauty salon “SPA LOUNGE”Moskovskaya st., 113-11715 000+7

Nizhny Novgorod

Beauty systemst. Beketova, 60, building 1 20 000+7
Aesthetic Medicine Clinic "Euromedica"st. Oboznaya, 4 17 000+7
Day SPAst. Maslyakova, 4, building 2 25 000+7


Hellolane Planovy, no. 24 26 500+7
Center for Success and Healthst. Kalinina, 260 25 000+7
Ross-Dentst. Brothers Ignatov, 120 60 000+7


Beauty salon "Aphrodite"st. Lenina, 164, building 5 10 000+7
Beauty salon "Darling"st. Vorovskogo, 71, office 401 12 000+7
Beauty salon "Sun City"st. Profsoyuznaya, 78 12 000+7


Health club "Riviera"Stroiteley Boulevard, 34/115 000+7
Cosmetology clinicst. Kolomeitseva, d. 16 000+7


Laser cosmetology clinicst. Pushkina, 80 10 000+7
Spa-salon “Cedar health resort”st. Petropavlovskaya, 19 8 500+7
Cosmetology Clinic of Popova Tatyanast. Ekaterininskaya, 84A 12 000+7


Clinic on Komarovast. Ensign Komarov, 7 35 000+7
Galeost. Russkaya, 39B 25 000+7
OzonOkeansky Ave., 48A15 000+7


Center for Aesthetic Cosmetology "Larus"Boulevard 50 Let Oktyabrya, 38 000+7
Center of beauty and medical cosmetology "Ethel"st. Romashina, 32, 2nd floor 7 500+7
Beauty salon "Enjoy"st. Nikitina, 5, 1st floor 10 000+7


Beauty salon “NEO beauty home”Prospekt Heroev Stalingrada, 10A18 000+38
Cosmetology clinic "Linline"st. Pushkinskaya, 11 12 000+38
st. Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya, 92 15 000+38

Types of mesothreads intended for face lifting

The composition of all types of mesothreads is the same. They consist of polydiaxanone, which is actively used in modern surgery for stitching tissue, as well as polylactic acid. Such threads dissolve over time. The threads are impregnated with polylactic acid in order to provide hydration to the deep layers of the skin.

For a facelift, cosmetologists use:

  • Linear threads (they are also called monofilaments) . Their length ranges from 2 to 9 cm. They are used for complete lifting of the skin of the neck, as well as the skin of the face. They are also suitable for correcting wrinkles in the periocular area and forehead area. Linear threads are also used for chin lifting. The advantages of monofilament threads are easy and virtually painless insertion. They are also chosen because they are invisible in areas with the thinnest skin. But monofilaments also have disadvantages - you may need to introduce four dozen threads over the entire face. It is believed that the procedure for implanting such threads is preventive, since its task is to stimulate the appearance of collagen. After implantation of linear mesothreads, the skin becomes elastic and beautiful.
  • Spiral. Their length is 5-6 cm. They are used to smooth out clearly visible nasolabial folds and drooping eyebrows. They are also suitable for eliminating a double chin. It is advisable to use spiral threads to tighten the skin in the décolleté area. Their advantage is that they preserve natural facial expressions and have an effect that can be equated to the effect of botulinum therapy (Botox). Often, tubercles and various hematomas appear at the injection points of this type of material.
  • Double mesothread braids. These are paired monofilaments that are intertwined into a braid. Plus they are more durable. Double mesothreads are used in difficult areas. They demonstrate a pronounced stimulating effect. They are distinguished by minimal consumption and high levels of supporting impact.
  • Needle mesothreads with special notches. Their length is 6-9 cm. Their advantage is their versatility (used for any wrinkles). This version of the threads has special notches along the entire length, allowing you to firmly fix the skin in a taut state. Needle mesothreads are used to enhance skin lifting. These threads provide a long-lasting effect (they keep the skin smooth for ten months). When agreeing to implantation of these mesothreads, you should understand that high-quality anesthesia must be used, since this procedure is quite painful.

All the materials listed above belong to the category of 3D mesothreads. In our country, South Korean Lead Fine Lift threads, as well as Japanese special material Beaute Lift Line, are actively used.


Users rate the thread lifting service 3.8 points out of 5.

I feel like an idiot. I believed the advertisement and put mesothreads in my cheeks, 10 for each. Now it seems to me that the jowls have become even larger. It's good that the swelling has gone away. Mesothreads are a fashion trend with unknown results.


Client, Stavropol

Expensive and painful. I noticed the result only after 4 months, but I consider it to be the merit not of the mesothreads, but of the entire complex of procedures that I do.


Client, Petrozavodsk

I noticed results after the procedure the next day. And now, a month later, it’s like my wings have grown. She put her face in order.


Client, Moscow

Description of popular threads

In order to choose the right mesothreads and carry out the procedure correctly, you should distinguish between mesothreads. It is important to understand the specific effects of each type of thread on the skin, since the effect of thread lifting with different materials will be different.

Aptos Light Lift – self-absorbing biothreads with notches

These are flexible and very thin threads that have microscopic notches. They are the most popular. They are created from a special biosynthetic material that dissolves under the skin within 12 months. They are recommended to be used up to 40 years of age, that is, when only the initial signs of aging occur (in this case, the material helps restore the former oval of the face). The effect of Aptos Light Lift threads lasts well for about 24 months.

Aptos Vizage – biothreads of absorbable type

These threads are also very popular. They have multidirectional special notches. They are distinguished by their 20-centimeter length and minimal level of trauma after needle insertion. The result from them is noticeable the next day after the introduction of the material. The rejuvenation effect lasts in this case for 2 years.

Silhouette Lift absorbable mesothreads

They are recommended to rejuvenate the skin of those over 30 years old. They are great for age-related changes in the cheeks and cheekbones. With their help, nasolabial folds can be made less pronounced. The young facial frame is held in place by such threads for more than 24 months.

Double Needle by Dermafil Happy

This type of thread is designed for a strong face lift. They provide excellent skin support. The peculiarity of these threads is that both needles are inserted through one skin puncture. The result of this procedure is brilliant - the skin looks firmer and noticeably younger. The result is comparable to plastic surgery. But unlike surgical intervention, the use of these threads does not imply complications or a rehabilitation period.

Mesothreads: price for 2021

For mesothreads for face lifting, the price will depend on the type of thread, as well as their quantity. As we said above, the cheapest cost is the smooth linear type of PDO thread (about 110 rubles for 1 thread). But in the clinic, the price for installing 1 such thread will already be about 900 rubles, but if the patient plans to install a large number of threads, then, based on their quantity, the price of mesothreads can be reduced to approximately 600 rubles for 1 thread.

Threads made from a copolymer of L-lactide with caprolactone will always be a priori more expensive than threads made from PDO, so the cost of 1 thread of the “Aptos Nano Vitis-4” type will be about 1,500 rubles. When installing Screw and Double Screw threads from PDO, you should focus on the same 1,500 rubles for 1 thread. As for GOG type threads, the highest quality ones will have a higher cost and, accordingly, their price usually starts from 2300 rubles for 1 thread. Below you can read reviews of thread lifting with mesothreads.

Comparison with similar procedures

Manipulation of mesothreads is considered a universal method for eliminating age-related changes. Threadlifting is performed on patients of all ages. The cost of the operation allows the technique to be used by a wide range of people. These characteristics of thread lifting are similar to those inherent in the most often opposed technique - contouring with fillers.

The impact gives a natural result. Choosing suitable mesothreads is easier than choosing filler. Threadlifting is less likely to cause complications. Gel injections are often aimed at eliminating wrinkles, and the installation of threads successfully combats ptosis. There are more nuances when working with fillers that affect the quality of the result.


Undesirable consequences are a rare occurrence if the material installation technology is followed and the doctor’s instructions are followed. To eliminate side effects during thread lifting, you need to take a balanced approach to choosing a cosmetologist and adhere to the requirements and recommendations of the doctor. Various violations can lead to:

  • asymmetry;
  • formation of skin irregularities;
  • translucent material;
  • aggravation of the age-related picture (tightening of the skin);
  • damage to blood vessels and nerves (numbness, cyanosis);
  • dysfunction (chewing food, facial expressions).

Negative consequences after the installation of mesothreads are possible due to low competence of the doctor, non-compliance with the conditions of rehabilitation by the patient, and the individual response of the body. Carrying out thread lifting in unsanitary conditions is fraught with infection, inflammation, and subsequent scarring on the skin.

The natural reaction of the body to the introduction of foreign material is considered to be swelling, local hemorrhage, and quickly passing redness. Pain may occur in the places where mesothreads are installed. Manifestations may linger for 2–5 days. Excessive spread and long-term persistence of symptoms require additional involvement of a doctor.


With the help of mesothreads you can achieve skin renewal. After the procedure, the condition of the skin improves, the number of wrinkles and the depth of nasolabial folds decrease. Mesothreads allow you to give a perfect shape to the oval of the face and make the contours clearer. The procedure is especially popular among young women whose skin does not show significant age-related changes. Mesothreads help create a clear contour, strengthen and improve the condition of the skin. For older people, this procedure as the only method will not be effective, so it is most often used as an additional measure when using another method of tightening.

Indications for use

Correction of nasolabial folds is a complex task that requires an individual approach. The solution depends on the cause of the problem.

At a young age (20–30 years), wrinkles and folds in the nasolabial area are more often formed due to muscle hypertonicity caused by pronounced facial expressions. Sometimes the root of the problem is the anatomical features of the facial structure. These reasons are not recommended to be eliminated by thread lifting.

The use of threads to tighten nasolabial folds often occurs when age-related gravitational ptosis is noticeable. The implantation of non-absorbable material at the age of 40–50 allows you to eliminate significant jowls and soften the depth of the nasolabial zone. The introduction of mesothreads is typical for younger patients (30–40 years old) with less severe problems. The use of thread lifting technology guarantees tightening of ptosis and provides preventive strengthening of tissues.

Attention! In some cases, solving the problem requires the simultaneous combination of several correction techniques. This allows you to comprehensively eliminate defects, achieve an ideal appearance, and significantly prolong youth.

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