Reviews of fractional facial mesotherapy with before and after photos

The essence of the procedure

Fractional facial mesotherapy is a micro-needle hardware rejuvenation procedure, during which a special agent is introduced into the dermis to a depth of 0.5 to 2 mm.

Punctures of the surface layer are made selectively—untouched “mobilization zones” remain between the places of microdamage.

Buyanov Sergey Yurievich (Expert Doctor):

Fractional mesotherapy involves hardware administration of the drug - there is no need to calculate the “mobilization zones”, it is enough to determine the location of the effect.

The result is a complex impact in several directions:

  • the condition of the skin improves, excess fat is eliminated, metabolic processes at the cellular level are accelerated;
  • Due to mechanical damage to the dermis, a response of the body occurs, expressed in the launch of the regenerative function through the transport of “sleeping” stem cells and fibroblasts to the damaged area.

Indications for use

  • wrinkles of varying degrees of severity (including in the form of a fine mesh);
  • stretch marks/scars;
  • double chin;
  • sagging, loss of elasticity;
  • acne/post-acne;
  • rosacea;
  • skin problems associated with oiliness/excessive dryness;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • tendency to swelling;
  • paint bags around the eyes;
  • enlarged pores;
  • unhealthy complexion;
  • hilly terrain;
  • rehabilitation period after plastic surgery;
  • gravitational ptosis.

Home care against rosacea

Professional procedures are always accompanied by the prescription of supportive medications for home use. Daily care should be aimed at strengthening the walls of capillaries and maintaining their elasticity, and at extinguishing inflammatory processes that destroy blood vessels. To restore the tone of blood vessels and reduce their permeability, they use preparations with vitamins C and K, as well as herbal venotonics - extracts of horse chestnut, butcher's broom, centella, arnica. They are designed to resist the destruction of the structure of the vascular wall and improve local microcirculation. Troxerutin, as well as plant stem cells, have a pronounced anti-inflammatory, decongestant and antioxidant effect. Bisabolol, panthenol, allantoin, and aloe vera extract are used as soothing and redness-relieving agents. Peptide preparations, which include carnosine, copper-containing tripeptide GHK-Cu, matrixyl, collagenol, elastinol, demonstrate high effectiveness in the fight against rosacea. Peptide therapy is one of the most promising areas in modern cosmetology. After just a couple of months of using peptides, the capillary network turns pale, the density of the vessel walls increases, the intensity of blood flow in damaged areas decreases, and inflammatory processes decrease.

Comparison of fractional and standard mesotherapy

Several modifications of meso-cocktails are used to achieve a double effectOne type of serum is used
Punctures are made selectively within the problem areaInjections are carried out throughout the corrected area
The process is controlled by hardware installationDuring the procedure, there is a risk of insufficient/excessive needle depth due to human factor
No discomfort due to high puncture rateCharacterized by pain that requires anesthesia

Frequency of fractional mesotherapy

The number of sessions in the course is assigned to each individual individually. As a rule, 6 procedures are carried out with a break of several days, then a break is taken. The procedures are carried out according to the following scheme.

  1. One month break.
  2. Over the course of three months, sessions are held with a frequency of one every two weeks.
  3. Two months break.
  4. Then one procedure per month is performed to maintain the effect.

The recovery period for the skin is one day. During this time, it is prohibited to touch the skin of the face, be exposed to the sun, visit baths, saunas, take a bath, drink alcohol, smoke, or use cosmetics.

After the procedure you need to protect your skin

Advantages and disadvantages

Benefits include:

  • fairly short rehabilitation period;
  • rapid manifestation and retention of results;
  • minimal likelihood of side effects;
  • painlessness, which allows correction to be done for clients with a low pain threshold;
  • accelerated skin regeneration;
  • low degree of trauma;
  • the ability to combine with other cosmetic procedures;
  • good individual tolerance;
  • no feeling of skin tightness during injections.


  • the need for long-term treatment;
  • more than 2 days for complete recovery after mechanical impact.

How is the procedure performed?

Absolutely all specialists perform fractional mesotherapy using the same technology. To free yourself from unnecessary worries and worries, it is recommended to study all stages of the session in advance.

It is worth knowing in advance how the procedure works.

It all starts with preparing the surface of the skin. The cosmetologist wipes it with professional lotion. Then the skin is disinfected. If the client has a low pain threshold, local anesthesia is performed. As a rule, Emla is used for these purposes.

Emla product

The procedure is carried out using a special device with a needle nozzle. Microneedles make a large number of skin punctures in a short period of time, through which the medicinal composition is introduced. This procedure is practically painless due to the high speed of needle insertion.

Interesting ! At the end of the session, the cosmetologist re-treats the skin surface with an antiseptic and applies a mask to relieve irritation and increased sensitivity of the epidermis.

After the procedure, you need to disinfect the skin with an antiseptic.

In total, the procedure takes no more than half an hour. All well-known clinics and salons operate according to the above scheme, it is basic. It is allowed to deviate from it while simultaneously carrying out several techniques to restore youthful skin. For those who are afraid of doctors and hospitals, it makes sense to try home mesotherapy procedures.

Half an hour is enough for the procedure

Recommendation! A few days before the session, it is necessary to exclude alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, and potent drugs from the diet.

What drugs are used

The composition of cocktails for fractional mesotherapy is determined by a cosmetologist.

The choice of ingredients depends on the area of ​​correction, the degree of complexity of the situation and the individual characteristics of the patient.

Main components:

  • hyaluronic acid (responsible for the hydrobalance of the epidermis, the production of collagen fibers and elastin;
  • peptides (help strengthen and renew tissues);
  • lipolytics, in particular lecithin (participates in the breakdown of fat deposits);
  • vitamin C (strengthens the immune system and cell structure, brightens the skin);
  • mineral and vitamin complexes (nourish the dermis, stimulate internal processes);
  • collagen and elastin (replenish the lack of natural building material in the biomatrix, enhance the regenerative function).

There are also ready-made products. For example, Dermachyla or Mesoderm.

Technique and preparations

Fractional mesotherapy is carried out on a device with disposable replaceable cartridges. The length of the needles in the nozzle ranges from 0.2 to 3 mm. The depth of injections depends on the treatment area: nano-punctures are used on thin sensitive skin, and to target stretch marks, scars, and cellulite on the body, injections of 1.5-2 mm are made.

FOR REFERENCE. Treatment with microneedles is carried out in a checkerboard pattern: treatment zones alternate with untouched areas. This technique allows the skin to recover faster - redness after a session normally goes away within a day.

The salon procedure takes from 15 to 60 minutes. It consists of 5 stages:

  1. Cleansing and disinfecting the skin.
  2. Introduction of anesthetic - for punctures larger than 1 mm.
  3. Applying a meso-cocktail or other medicinal drug to the skin.
  4. Machine processing. The choice of nozzle and puncture site is determined by the cosmetologist.
  5. Soothing treatments using cooling lotions, masks, creams.

For a lasting result, you will need from 4 to 8 sessions on the face and body and 10-15 on the scalp. The break between procedures of one course is 7-14 days. The number of sessions depends on the patient’s age: young skin reacts more actively to meso-cocktails than mature skin, and the drugs used.

The following active substances are used to solve skin problems:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • collagen;
  • lecithin;
  • mineral and vitamin complexes;
  • medicines, etc.

IMPORTANT. Serums, gels, and concentrates for fractional mesotherapy have a low molecular weight composition. This allows active substances to quickly cross the skin barrier and be absorbed by human cells.

Device overview

Fractional mesotherapy is carried out using a special device: it can be either mobile (portable) or stationary.

It is a body made of plastic or aluminum, which allows the specialist to fix the hand in one position without the risk of it slipping during manipulations.

The device is equipped with replaceable cartridges at the end with titanium or steel needles. Often, such attachments are coated with silver, which reduces the risk of infection of soft tissues.

The uniqueness of the device is that it corrects up to 20% of the entire area in one go. Therefore, when affecting the face and neck, no more than 5 sessions will be required.


Dermapen is a compact device.
It is widely in demand and allows you to correctly adjust the distance between punctures and the depth of injections. Has several modifications:

  • Dr. Pen;
  • Ultima A1-C;
  • My M.

The device is used by cosmetologists in salons and at home. You can also use it yourself. In this case, you should choose the minimum needle size or give preference to mesoscooters in the absence of basic knowledge.


In the salon, microneedling is carried out with more serious settings that allow you to produce bb glow skin (long-term “foundation effect”).
These include:

  • FN 1;
  • Cristal Premium;
  • DB FNS;
  • Bella.

How to carry out mesotherapy for rosacea

Mesotherapy involves treating the skin with injections of certain drugs into problem areas. Such procedures allow you to treat various facial skin diseases. Couperosis is no exception.

Cosmetologists and dermatologists, in each individual case, based on preliminary tests and examinations, prescribe the appropriate and necessary course of mesotherapy for facial rosacea.

It can consist of single injections, or of a complex at a certain interval.

The procedure itself is performed using thin needles that are inserted a couple of millimeters under the skin, delivering the necessary product to problem areas.

Each injection dose contains approximately one tenth of a milliliter of the drug. All actions are performed in a short time and almost painlessly.

Injections can be performed in two ways:

  • manually, when the doctor himself uses a syringe to inject the agent under the skin into the area of ​​the vascular network;
  • using special equipment, involves the use of a specific apparatus for performing subcutaneous injections in the problem area; this method is more comfortable, but less accurate and effective.

Find out what mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid means.

Is mesotherapy effective for cellulite? The answer is here.

Carrying out the procedure

Injection rejuvenation with meso-cocktails requires certain preparation; it begins at least 10 days in advance.

  • It is recommended to undergo tests and visit related specialists to identify contraindications in order to avoid complications in the future.
  • You should stop taking medications that affect the degree of blood clotting, drinking alcohol and smoking (especially if the invasion is supposed to be done in the lip area).

In consultation with a cosmetologist, he identifies the problem and selects the most suitable composition to solve it.

How it goes

The fractional invasion technique differs from the standard one in that the speed and distance of punctures is set directly by the device.

A disposable nozzle with several needles is installed on it, through which the mesococktail enters the biomatrix to a given depth.

Chronology of the procedure:

  1. Makeup remover . Cleaning the skin with an antiseptic to remove dirt and grease.
  2. If necessary, anesthesia is administered . When correcting the forehead, cheeks, and chin to the maximum depth (up to 1 mm), this step is skipped.
  3. Hardware impact on the problem area using a given technique . During the manipulations, the cosmetologist can adjust the depth.
  4. Applying a sedative (mask, lotion, tonic) . Treatment with a regenerating composition. In summer, sunscreen creams are additionally used.

Course duration

The duration of therapy depends on the individual characteristics of the client and the effectiveness of the meso-cocktail used.

  • For the age group of 25 years and older, the invasion will be mainly preventive in nature.
  • Starting from 35, it helps fight the natural aging process. For better results, it is recommended to combine it with other cosmetic procedures.

Usually the course consists of 5 sessions, in difficult situations - their number is increased to 10-15 times.

Healing period

The first day the skin does not look aesthetically pleasing - redness, slight swelling, and in some cases bruises appear at the sites where the dermis is punctured.
All symptoms go away on their own. To speed up the restoration process, cosmetologists recommend adhering to a number of rules:

  • For several days it is forbidden to use decorative cosmetics, touch the damaged area and wash your face;
  • do not drink alcohol or fatty foods;
  • You should refrain from visiting a solarium, sauna, gym, or swimming pool (temperature changes and ultraviolet radiation have a detrimental effect on healing).

Buyanov Sergey Yurievich (Expert Doctor):

On the first day after a mesotherapy session, due to the loosening of the epidermis, the skin is most accessible for the absorption of therapeutic agents. At this time, the action of nourishing and therapeutic masks and creams is most effective.

Fractional mesotherapy procedure for facial skin step by step

Proper organization of the procedure requires certain preliminary preparation. You definitely need a consultation with a specialist, during which he will make sure there are no contraindications, select the appropriate meso-cocktail and processing technology, and also tell you about important restrictions.

There are a number of actions that need to be performed some time before a session of fractional mesotherapy for facial skin:

  • eliminate blood thinning medications;
  • remove alcohol from the diet;
  • give up cigarettes.

It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle. On the day of the procedure, it is advisable to cleanse the skin as much as possible, do not apply any cosmetics, do not swim or sunbathe.

Let us list the main stages of the fractional mesotherapy procedure for facial skin.

Stage 1. Preparation.

All makeup and dirt are removed from the face using special products, and the affected area is treated with a disinfectant composition. Light peeling is allowed.

Stage 2. Performing anesthesia using the application method.

If during mesotherapy the penetration of the needles is shallow (up to 1 mm), and the treatment area is located in the forehead, cheeks or chin, then all manipulations can be carried out without pain relief. There is also the use of local anesthesia with special drugs, for example, Emloy.

Stage 3. Application of selected meso-cocktails to the treatment areas.

Stage 4. Impact on problem areas with the device.

In the process of fractional mesotherapy, the depth of perforation is regulated by a cosmetologist. A large area of ​​the epidermis or individual zones may be exposed.

Stage 5. Performing calming treatment.

You can soothe damaged skin with a mask, lotion or cream. In addition, a regenerating agent and a composition with a UV filter are used if the weather is sunny outside.

The whole process lasts from 20 to 60 minutes in a beauty salon. At home, a session may require more time, since it is more difficult to organize the continuity of the entire sequence of actions.

Doing fractional mesotherapy for facial skin on your own is strictly prohibited, as it can cause adverse consequences.

If the procedure is performed by a competent specialist, with high-quality drugs and good equipment, then the effect will be maximum. Additionally, to enhance the result, other cosmetic manipulations are used, which are reflected in the total price of fractional mesotherapy for facial skin.

Comprehensive services may include:

  • facial massage (including lymphatic drainage and LPG);
  • lifting with threads;
  • different types of cleaning (manual, ultrasonic peeling, combined, vacuum cleansing).

A lasting effect is observed after completing a course of 4–8 procedures with a break of 6–8 weeks. For prevention, it is enough to repeat the manipulation a couple of times. It all depends on the nature of the problems at hand. Treatment requires a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 sessions. The interval between them can be up to 10 days. The effect of a high-quality procedure can be noticeable throughout the year.

A competent cosmetologist carefully monitors the changes that occur and regulates the number of sessions. It is not recommended to do too many procedures, as it takes time to restore the skin. Immediately after fractional mesotherapy, the epidermis in the affected area becomes redder, like after a sunburn. After some time, the color of the surface is restored and returns to normal.

In 2-3% of cases, complications may occur after the procedure.

It is indeed a rare occurrence that the following side effects may occur:

  • headache;
  • lymphostasis;
  • redness of the skin at the puncture sites;
  • swelling;
  • allergic reactions to the drug (swelling, redness, rash).

Typically, these manipulations are tolerated very easily, without causing severe discomfort to the patient. However, it is better to familiarize yourself in advance with possible adverse reactions that may occur in response to the rejuvenation course.

A competent specialist is largely the key to the success of the entire procedure. He is able to select the correct drug and administer injections, using disposable individual needle nozzles and observing all disinfection measures.

Fractional mesotherapy for facial skin has significant advantages over the classical injection technique, since the effect is achieved faster and in a less traumatic way.

Read material on the topic: How to remove wrinkles on the face: the most effective methods


  • Autoimmune pathologies;
  • Oncology;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Lactation period;
  • Psychosomatic disorders;
  • Poor blood clotting;
  • Diabetes;
  • Skin damage in the correction area;
  • Infectious, viral diseases;
  • Pathologies of the cardiovascular system;
  • General malaise (fever, ARVI);
  • Inflammatory processes of a dermatological nature;
  • Individual intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • Cholelithiasis;
  • Taking anticoagulants.

Carrying out at home

If there is no free time to visit a beauty salon, a woman can perform fractional mesotherapy at home. This requires:

  1. A special device that will be portable and easy to use. The device must be equipped with a nozzle that has several needles.
  2. Antiseptic for processing the nozzle.
  3. Products with a wound-healing effect : Panthenol cream is suitable for this.
  4. Local anesthetic : Dicaine, Aprovisol, Anestezin.
  5. Mesotherapy cocktail . It can come as a set with a mesoscooter, or be sold at a pharmacy.


  • The face is cleaned, wiped with anesthetic, and the nozzle of the device is disinfected.
  • The cocktail is applied to the face.
  • The mesoscooter massages problem areas for about 2 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, a wound healing medicine is applied.
  • After 1 hour, a nourishing cream is applied.

It is important to remember that performing this procedure at home may not be as effective as in a beauty salon. The required cocktail can only be chosen by a specialist who relies on the individual characteristics of a woman’s skin.

Some more information about this procedure in the following video:

Side effects

The reason for complications after using cocktails lies in incorrectly selected composition, neglect of contraindications and insufficient care during the rehabilitation period.
In addition to standard side effects such as redness and swelling, more serious consequences may also occur:

  • change in the sensitivity of the integument;
  • severe inflammatory processes;
  • allergic reactions;
  • migraine;
  • lymphostasis;
  • hematomas;
  • heart rhythm disturbance;
  • streptoderma;
  • itching, burning.

Photos before and after

Service cost

The price is affected by a number of aspects:

  • development of the city's infrastructure;
  • prestige of the clinic;
  • specialist qualification;
  • the drugs used (the price varies depending on whether there is a need for an individual cocktail or a ready-made one is used);
  • correction zone and its extent (invasion can also be carried out throughout the body, in particular in the hips, abdomen, neck, décolleté and head area in order to eliminate problems of baldness).


MON PLAISIREst. Sergeya Makeeva, no. 1. from 4 500+7(495)605-54-50
Family ClinicHospital Square, 2с1from 1 300+7(495)662-58-85
Beauty salon “Marafet”Leninsky Prospekt, 107, bldg. 3 from 2 500+7(495)295-40-40
MC “Doctor Laser”Prospekt Mira, 26, building 43 500+7(499)110-75-55
Beauty salon “Furor”st. Touristskaya, 20, bldg. 1 from 3 500+7(495)128-27-89
SPACESpasonivkovsky lane, 19from 3 300+7(499)40-85-57


Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Otorhinolaryngology “Sun”st. Kalinina, 13, bldg. 52 6 800+7(861)221-68-87
MC “Health Laboratory”st. Dostoevsky, 84/1 3 500+7(861)204-12-95
Beauty salon “Lepota”st. Rossiyskaya, 267/3, bldg. 2 from 2 000+7(861)533-61-22
EGO AESTHETICst. Kalinina, 324 from 2 100+7(861)220-20-70


Clinic “Candela”st. Pervomaiskaya, 37 from 1 800+7(967)639-00-32
Embassyst. Gottwald, 6, bldg. 2 from 1 600+7(343)245-94-55
Clinic “Reforma”st. Sheinkmana, 111 from 2 900+7(343)287-16-16


Medical cosmetology “Art Medica”st. Zheleznodorozhnaya, 22 from 2 500+7(383)380-81-11
Health and beauty center “Kupava”st. Dusi Kovalchuk, 238 3 000+7(993)007-31-84
Golden pensGorsky microdistrict, 72from 1 500+7(913)749-80-02

Prices for fractional mesotherapy

The cost of the procedure depends on the device, treatment area and meso-cocktails used. A cosmetologist can prepare them independently or use ready-made formulations. Therefore, the cost of drugs is specified separately and averages from 150 to 2,500 rubles.

The table shows approximate data on the price of one procedure using disposable 12-needle nozzles in Moscow.

Impact areaPrice for 1 zone, ₽
Face, hands2 000
Neck, décolleté2 500
Body3 500
Hair treatment2 600

Opinion of cosmetologists

You can judge the effectiveness of fractional mesotherapy by looking at reviews from specialists.

Cosmetologists note minimal pain, effectiveness and safety among the advantages of the procedure:


Not only women who have used the fractional mesotherapy procedure, but also experienced cosmetologists highlight the disadvantages of the method. These include a feeling of pain during the service in women with a high pain threshold in the absence of anesthesia.

Fractional mesotherapy has side effects, complications and contraindications, which greatly frightens women, especially those who have never used the technique.

In terms of safety, the procedure is inferior to non-injection methods. Patients complain that often 24 hours is not enough for complete rehabilitation of the skin .

Patient reviews

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